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  • Boro Farmers: Kushtia DC brings smiles to some

    Moyen Uddin was overjoyed after being able to sell his Boro paddy at a government procurement installation at a fair price, thanks to the proac-tive initiative from the Kushtia district commissioner.

  • Organic all the way

    In a tiny tin shed in the Barind village of Bohora, Abdul Hamid scoops out a handful of stinky cattle dung from a bucket with his bare hands. He seems undeterred by the earthworms squirming in and out of the compost.

  • Farmers facing loss despite high yield

    The haor farmers in Sunamganj have achieved a bumper production of Boro but are being badly hit by the low market price.

  • Boro farmers at the mercy of middlemen

    When the government had declared at the very beginning of the harvesting season that it would buy a higher volume of paddy directly

  • Boro prices plummeting

    According to a report in a leading Bangla daily Boro farmers are being deprived of rational prices for their paddy.