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    Hajj Flights: Operation smooth this time

    Every year on the last day of hajj flight operation, a number of pilgrims would shed tears at the capital’s Ashkona Hajj Camp after failing to go to Saudi Arabia due to various irregularities and fraudulent activities of some hajj agencies.

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines

    Biman launches hajj flight app

    Biman Bangladesh Airlines has launched online Hajj application (app) this year, named ‘Biman Hajj Flight’ to ensure smooth journey of the pilgrims.

  • Hajj Flight Operations from Today: Biman's regular flights face disruption

    Biman's regular flights on all its 15 international routes are set to face disruptions as the airline will use four of its Boeing planes for hajj flights starting this morning.

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines Hajj flights canceled

    3 more Biman hajj flights cancelled

    Three more hajj flights of Biman Bangladesh Airlines are cancelled for shortage of pilgrims after two days of smooth operation.

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines Hajj flights canceled

    40,000 hajj pilgrims' fate uncertain

    Hassles for hajj pilgrims are a regular phenomenon. Previously, it was botched flight schedules. And now it has come to light that additional fees on repeat pilgrims have been imposed! This has left around 40,000 pilgrims in the lurch.

  • 4 more Biman Bangladesh Hajj flights cancelled

    Biman Bangladesh Airlines has been forced to cancel four more Hajj flights due to shortage of Hajj pilgrims.