Bengali New Year | The Daily Star
  • Trump admin wishes joyous Pahela Baishakh

    The Trump administration greets Bengalis across the world on the occasion of Pahela Baishakh, the first day of Bangla New Year.

  • Obama’s greetings on Pahela Baishakh

    US President Barack Obama today sent his greetings to Bangladeshi peoples on the occasion of Pahela Baishakh, the first day of Bengali New Year.

  • PM urges all to exercise tolerance

    Extending her heartfelt greetings to all, including expatriate Bangladeshis on Pahela Baishakh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says everybody needs to exercise tolerance as it is essential for the country's uninterrupted development.

  • No hilsa on PM Hasina's menu

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has decided to strike hilsa off tomorrow's menu at her official residence, Gono Bhaban, in an effort to discourage people from having jatka (hilsa fry) on Pahela Baishakh.

  • Evening ban to limit festivity

    Slapping a ban on outdoor programmes in the evening of Pahela Baishakh should not be a way to protect women; it will only add fuel to extremism opposed to women's freedom, rights activists said yesterday.

  • ‘Will not have Hilsa on Pahela Baishakh’

    Hilsa, our national fish, has become an inseparable part of Pahela Baishakh (Bangla New Year) celebrations, but experts say the practice has no roots in a thousand years of Bengali tradition.

  • Persona offers Pahela Baishakh discounts

    Celebrating the occasion of the Bengali New Year, Persona will be offering 12% off on rebonding and 10% off on hair colouring.

  • Police brutality again!

    We deplore in the strongest possible terms the police brutality on the activists, some of them women, who were demanding the arrest and trial of criminals who, as an orgainsed gang, sexually harassed a number of women during the Bengali New Year.

  • The outrage and issues thereof

    THERE is understandable outrage at the alleged sexual assault of at least 20 women by a large group of men during the Bengali New Year celebrations at the Dhaka University.

  • [WATCH] How Pahela Baishakh came to be

    Muntasir Mamun, Professor of History at University of Dhaka, and Hashem Sufi, Researcher of History, tell us the facts behind how Bengali New Year celebration on Pahela Baishakh came to be.

  • Opinion: Eyes wide shut

    It took four days for the police to admit that at least 20 women were sexually assaulted by a large group of men during the Pahela Baishakh celebrations at Dhaka University.

  • Sexual harassment: Protests flood Facebook, Twitter

    On the fourth day following the ruthless and inhuman sexual harassment on women at TSC on Pahela Baishakh, the social media continue to be flooded with protests from users, condemning the heinous act.

  • Foolproof security for Pohela Boishakh: DMP

    Police today assured of foolproof security throughout Dhaka ahead of Pohela Boishakh celebrations – the Bangla new year.