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  • An epic saga of loss

    Once upon a time, in the winter of 2014, in a land far far away—Sundarbans—a young man in his twenties, seeking adventures...

  • Tigers dwindling: just six sub-species remain

    Six different sub-species of tigers exist, scientists confirms, amid hopes the findings will boost efforts to save the fewer than 4,000 free-range big cats that remain in the world.

  • Big cats in big trouble

    Experts have expressed concern over the depleting Bengal tiger population in the Sundarbans as the number of tiger attacks in and around the mangrove forest has gone down significantly in recent years.

  • The last of the Tigers

    The mighty beast's hypnotic eyes may strike fear into the hearts of its prey, while its majestic thick orange- black striped fur serves as a reminder...

  • 3 tiger cubs die at Dulhazra Safari Park

    Three Bengal tiger cubs, given birth by a three-year-old tigress, die at Dulhazra Safari Park in Cox’s Bazar.