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  • Outrageous offer for a defaulter

    Anyone would balk at the idea of granting yet another rescheduling facility to a defaulter who has outstanding loans of Tk 1,168 crore since 1993 and has not shown any genuine interest or effort in paying back its loans. But the Rupali Bank board didn’t.

  • Bangladesh High Court

    Good punished, bad rewarded

    Borrowing large amounts from banks, some people set up industries in the country with a portion and launder the rest to other countries, the High Court observed yesterday, adding that those people consider the countries to be their second home.

  • Bangladesh Bank

    Loan Defaulters: BB extends fresh rescheduling facility

    In a baffling move, the central bank yesterday extended a set of unprecedented facilities to defaulters with the view to giving them a fresh lifeline -- stoking fears of further deterioration of the banking sector’s financial health. As per the new policy, defaulters will be allowed to reschedule their classified loans

  • Saving our ailing banking sector

    Saving our ailing banking sector

    Bangladesh's banking sector faces a number of major challenges including rising nonperforming loans, credit concentrations, poor

  • Farmers Bank: Dramatic rise in loan default

    With Farmers Bank, no-one knows when the woos will end. And as days go by, more and more depressing statistics are coming out.

  • Outstanding Loans in Banking Sector: Big chunk held by bank owners

    In Bangladesh, industrialists and businesspeople become shareholders and directors of banks, and borrow money from each other's banks. And not only that, up to four members of a family can now be in the board of directors of a bank, up from two previously, after the relevant rules were amended last year following Finance Minister AMA Muhith's recommendation.

  • Bangladesh Road Transport Bill 2018 placed in Jatiya Sangsad

    Muhith keeps mum on banking sector

    Nothing budges Finance Minister AMA Muhith after yesterday’s spree of attacks as he kept from commenting over the banking sector at parliament today.

  • Finance Minister AMA Muhith

    Govt may unmask loan defaulters thru' media

    The government will consider unmasking bank loan defaulters through the media, said Finance Minister AMA Muhith yesterday in

  • Finance Minister AMA Muhith

    Govt to consider publishing loan defaulters' names

    Finance Minister AMA Muhith in parliament says the government will consider in future to publish the names, addresses and identities of the bank loan defaulters periodically.