Bangladesh's Liberation War in 1971 | The Daily Star
  • International Crimes Tribunal

    Arrest order for 3 Sherpur ‘war criminals’

    The International Crimes Tribunal-1 issues arrest warrant against three Sherpur men for their alleged involvement with crimes during the Liberation War in 1971.

  • War crimes charges pressed against 4 Moulvibazar men

    The prosecution presses two charges against four Moulvibazar men for their alleged involvement in crimes committed during the Liberation War in 1971.

  • 1971: Our war, their battles

    In 1971, during Bangladesh's Liberation War, much of the action was confined to the territory of Bangladesh, but there were battles being fought in locations many oceans away.

  • Oh Pakistan!

    It is really not a surprise that Pakistan would make a statement which pretty much echoes what the research has been revealing all along: that Pakistan justifies the war crimes; that Pakistan will not take responsibility for the harm they inflicted on an entire people in 1971.

  • Pakistan still in denial and self-deceit

    More than four decades on, the present day government of Pakistan has unabashedly and deliberately chosen to deny history. This is not just shameful; it is infinitely more immoral.

  • Apologise, Bangladesh tells Amnesty

    A protest note is sent to Amnesty International through Bangladesh High Commission in London asking them to withdraw their statement against pro-liberation forces and apologise.