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  • ‘Improving road safety can accelerate economic growth’

    The World Bank and the United Nations will continue working together with the Government of Bangladesh to improve road safety, Vice President for South Asia of the global financier, Hartwig Schafer says.

  • Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal

    Checking Road Accidents: Long wait for effective steps

    Formed in February with former shipping minister Shajahan Khan at its helm, a committee two months later made a 111-point recommendation on how to reduce road crashes and bring discipline in the transport sector.

  • 1 Year of Road Safety Demo: 22 students still tangled up in cases

    Students who took to the streets last year for safer roads could not achieve what they had set out to do, but now many of them have to appear before courts almost every month as the police accused them of vandalism.

  • Road Safety in Bangaldesh

    Demand for reviewing road accident compensation

    A joint meeting of transport owners and workers was held in the city’s Mohanagar Natya Mancha on May 2 where transport leaders stated that they would have to rethink their decision to remain in the business in light of recent orders by the High Court to transport companies to pay financial damages...

  • UN Road Safety Week: Bangladesh to observe it for first time

    Bangladesh will observe the United Nations Global Road Safety Week this year for the first time aiming to raise awareness about road safety to prevent road accidents.

  • Students fear their demands won’t be met if they leave street

    No retreat

    Student demonstrators yesterday said they would resume their peaceful protest for safe roads on Sunday to keep pressure on the authorities to implement their promises.

  • The same old promise again

    The same old promise again

    In the face of student protests for road safety, transport owners and workers yesterday came up with the same old promises of not operating buses on daily contracts, and scrutinising licences before appointing drivers.

  • Controversial leaders given road safety job

    Hours after two college students were killed by a speeding bus in the capital in July last year, Shajahan Khan smirked when reporters sought his reaction as a transport leader.

  • Minister Obaidul Quader

    Lot of actions, little result!

    Hold meetings, make decisions and then forget all about them. This has been the practice of successive governments regarding road safety in the past three decades. Since the mid-80s, each government has undertaken numerous initiatives to reduce road crashes, but they are gathering dust at the Road Transport and Bridges Ministry.

  • IGP Mohammad Javed Patwary

    Road safety: IGP stresses public awareness on traffic laws

    Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammad Javed Patwary places emphasis on raising public awareness about traffic laws in a bid to ensure safety for commuters on the roads.