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  • BSTI

    'Cases filed against companies of 52 substandard food items'

    Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) has lodged 52 separate cases against the companies of the 52 substandard food products as per the High Court directives, says a counsel for the BFSA.

  • Lead in milk in Bangladesh

    Lead, bacteria in milk, curd

    Bangladesh Food Safety Authority yesterday submitted a test report to the High Court and said it found harmful elements in most of the 190 samples of raw and packed liquid milk, curd, and fodder. The samples were tested at the National Food Safety Laboratory.

  • What's the colour of your eatery?

    The Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) has come up with a grading system for restaurants on the basis of quality of food and overall hygiene of the establishments.

  • Use of Chemicals in Fruits: Recent drives draw flak

    Participants at a workshop organised by Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) yesterday said it was necessary for the concerned bodies to coordinate their activities so that proper assessment on the use of chemicals in fruits was ensured.

  • 'Heavy Metal' in Imported Fish: Samples sent for retest

    Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) sent samples from 81 tonnes of Shad fish for retest in the face of objections raised by the importers of the consignments after the laboratory tests identified heavy metal in the fish.

  • Stepping up fight for safe food

    People can expect a strong grip on contaminating food and its marketing as Bangladesh Food Safety Authority is gearing up its activities in a coordinated manner to ensure food safety from farm to plate.

  • BFSA orders Lactalis milk off shelves

    Bangladesh Food Safety Authority has ordered withdrawal of all powdered baby milk suspected of salmonella contamination after French company Lactalis notified the issue to the authority last week.

  • Lactalis Group

    BFSA orders withdrawal of all baby milk products

    Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) orders withdrawal of all products of powdered baby milk suspected of bacterial contamination after the French company, Lactalis, notified the issue to the authority.

  • Fish Importers: Ticked off by test order

    About 1,500 tonnes of fish remain stranded in the Chittagong port yard since January 1, after the food safety authorities made it mandatory for all imported fish to go through certain tests to detect the presence of heavy metals in them.

  • Govt overseeing withdrawal of French baby food

    Bangladesh Food Safety Authority is monitoring the withdrawal of a French baby milk product from the market that has been found contaminated with bacteria.

  • No formalin in vegetable, fruits: BFSA

    Bangladesh Food Safety Authority claims that there is no scope to adulterate vegetable and fruits by mixing formalin, a health hazardous chemical.

  • Scientific tests before action

    Superstore owners yesterday urged the government to scientifically test any product from their shelves before taking action based on allegations of selling substandard or adulterated foods.