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  • Moderately mild to hot: EP82 Starlets

    With the world acquiring a knack for anything and everything retro, we turn back the clock to 1995, with Johnny Shah’s EP82 starlet GT.

  • So cool,yet so far: CC-compliant bikes we should but don't have in Bangladesh

    The motorcyclists in Bangladesh are pretty starved for choice thanks to our 165cc limit. What makes this already bad situation worse is that there are plenty of cool bikes that do fall under the said limit but for one reason or another, not offered by their respective dealers. Here are a few bikes an avid motorhead should consider getting through the grey market, as long as they are willing to pay the premium and do not hope for a robust warranty.

  • The Poor Man’s Ferrari: Toyota SW20 MR2

    A gorgeous, pristine and hyper-clean Toyota MR2 SW20. We find out if the mid-engined Toyota legend is as good as claimed, and catch up with Tareq Ahmed, proud owner of the SW20 and president of Club GT automotive club.

  • Supersonic car gets its superwheels

    Aluminium discs will be fitted to the Bloodhound Supersonic Car, which will endeavour to break the world land speed record (763mph)