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  • Air Pollution in Bangladesh: Steep rise continues

    Bangladesh has experienced a sharp increase in air pollution since 2010 as 81 percent population are exposed to household air pollution from solid fuel burning, says a new global study report.

  • Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy could change children's brain structure

    A new European research finds that exposure to air pollution during pregnancy could affect the cognitive function of children, by changing the structure of the brain.

  • Air pollutants linked to abnormal fetal growth: Study

    Exposure to high levels of certain air pollutants during pregnancy can increase the risk of abnormal fetal growth according to a new study from Yale School of Public Health (YSPH). Researchers say the study is the first of its kind to be carried out in areas with very high air pollution levels.

  • The air quality in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong engulfed in smog

    Hong Kong's famous skyline is engulfed in smog, with residents urged to stay indoors.

  • osteoporosis-related bone fractures

    Air pollution linked to osteoporosis-related bone fractures

    Beyond the risks of cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and even cancer, living in a highly polluted zone for a significant time could increase the risk of osteoporosis-related bone fracture, especially in older people, according to two new American studies published in the journal The Lancet Planetary Health.

  • New Delhi

    Emergency in New Delhi as smog thickens

    The Indian capital declares a pollution emergency and banns the entry of trucks and construction activity as a toxic smog hung over the city for a third day and air quality worsens by the hour.

  • New Delhi air pollution

    Delhi chokes on toxic haze despite Diwali fireworks ban

    New Delhi is shrouded in a thick toxic haze after a night of frenzied Diwali fireworks send the air quality plummeting despite a ban on sale of fireworks aimed at thwarting a repeat of an 'airpocalypse'.

  • 9m people killed in pollution: Report

    9m people killed in pollution: Report

    Pollution claims the lives of nine million people in 2015, one in every six deaths that year, according to a report.

  • What happens to our e-waste?

    What do you do with the damaged battery or chargers of your cell phone? Where do you keep your fused bulbs and abandoned switches? What about obsolete computer accessories?

  • Thousands die unnecessarily!

    According to the study 'Ambient Air Pollution: A Global Assessment of Exposure and Burden of Disease' by the World Health Organisation (WHO)...