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  • Jaya Ahsan's Debi Film

    Debi lands in USA

    After its release in San Francisco on November 3, it will soon travel across various American cities to entertain the audience.

  • Debi's first bangla new song

    Debi's first song hits YouTube

    The first song from Jaaz Multimedia's upcoming psychological thriller Debi, was released on YouTube recently. The folk-oriented song

  • Actress Jaya Ahsan

    Jaya's multiple personalities!

    We have seen Jaya excel at various roles in myriad films all throughout her illustrious career. This time, she takes it up a notch by not only performing in a psychological thriller, but also portraying a character

  • Actress Jaya Ahsan's upcoming film Crisscross

    Jaya Ahsan plays a snob businesswoman in “Crisscross”

    Jaya Ahsan has recently wrapped up the shooting schedule for her first home production “Debi” in Bangladesh. Now, the “Bishorjan”