Abul Mansur Ahmad | The Daily Star
  • A fearless voice of reason

    Abul Mansur Ahmad excelled in each of his professions as writer, journalist and politician, and such was his honesty that he worked without pitting one profession against the other.

  • Abul Mansur Ahmad's writings helped awaken Bangalee psyche

    Abul Mansur Ahmad, a renowned litterateur, journalist and politician of the sub-continent, played a significant role in enriching Bangla language and literature through his writings, eminent personalities said yesterday.

  • Durlov Kothok: Abul Mansur Ahmad

    Edited by Emran Mahfuz, this voluminous book reflects on the life and works of one of our nation's great thought leaders.

  • Durlov Kothok: Abul Mansur Ahmad

    THE book is a voluminous work on the late politician, lawyer, journalist and litterateur Abul Mansur Ahmad who has left behind a rich legacy of literary works for the present day readers to read and draw on.