2018-19 Bangladesh Budget | The Daily Star
  • Internet price in Bangladesh

    Finally, cost of internet coming down

    Bangladesh will bring down the cost of internet, finally, bowing to the long overdue demand of consumers and ICT-related trade bodies.

  • Budget 2018-19 for mobile phone handsets

    Samsung halts local make of 1 lakh phones

    Samsung halts local assembly of one lakh pieces of 4G enabled smartphones because of the sudden 15 per cent hike in VAT in the proposed budget.

  • Lower cost of internet: ICT trade bodies

    A group of ICT trade bodies reiterate demands of lowering the cost of internet and criticised the government for not having internet-friendly measures in the budget plan.

  • Tax measures to hurt middle class

    The proposed budgetary measures for fiscal 2018-19 will benefit the high and low income people, leaving the middle- and lower middle-class, which form the majority of Bangladesh's population, strained, said the Centre for Policy Dialogue yesterday.

  • Finance minister AMA Muhith

    Big spike in govt’s interest payment

    The government will spend Tk 51,340 crore for interest payment in the upcoming fiscal year which is 11 percent of total proposed budget of Tk 4,64,573 crore.