Victory Day Special 2015 | The Daily Star
  • The burden of remembrance

    When history is malleable, when it can be made to fit whatever version we want it to, then the cynical definition of

  • Looking back into the mirror

    In the apocalyptic days of early December of 1971, when Dhaka was a beleaguered city, there were very few shops


    Despite history's numerous precedents, the word “genocide” did not exist until legal scholar Raphael Lemkin, a


    Bangladesh stands at forty-four today and it is a time for celebration. It is a day that brings us much joy but also fills


    On March 25, 1971, more than 18,000 Pakistani soldiers aided by 75 tanks, jet fighters, combat helicopters and around 5,000

  • Indira Gandhi: Mujib Must Be Freed

    In the first exclusive interview she has given since the Indo-Pakistan war began, Mrs. Gandhi told me yesterday that she has no doubt

  • Pakistani war criminals should not go unpunished

    DHAKA'S response to Islamabad's recent statements on Bangladesh's war trial process was a reminder of Pakistan's responsibility to

  • On a foggy Narsingdi road

    NARSINGDI had its share of battles during the long nine months of the Liberation War. Many fighters of the Mukti Bahini were lodged in the deep forests and villages on the two sides of the 30 km road starting at Tarabo, Rupganj.

  • Remembering Shaheed Captain Aftab Qader Bir Uttam

    Since 26 March 1971, Pakistan Army units were conducting extensive operations against Mukti Bahini positions all

  • Victory on the diplomatic front

    Forty-four years have elapsed and it still perplexes me as to what led the Pakistan Army to unleash their dogs of war

  • A tale of torture, rape and dehumanisation

    The town hall building of Rangpur town was constructed in 1913 by the British as a government office building,