Historic Mujibnagar Day | The Daily Star
  • From movement to a nation

    On March 30, 1971, a disheveled Tajuddin Ahmed, the general secretary of Awami League, and his associate Barrister Amir-ul Islam, crossed the border of Pakistani occupied Bangladesh into India.

  • To the people of the world

    Bangladesh is at war. It has been given no choice but to secure its right of self-determination through a national liberation struggle against the colonial oppression of West Pakistan.

  • Looking back: April 17, 1971

    It is tough to ruminate on the past in the stranglehold of the corona virus—an evil apparition that has wrecked our lives and turned the world upside down. However, as I am heading towards the finishing line of life or at least the onset of old age dementia, there seemed no better time to write this piece.

  • A Nation Rises

    The obscure village of Vaidyanathtala in Kushtia earned abiding fame on Saturday when renamed as Mujibnagar it witnessed the formal advent of a new nation on this sub-continent.