Cashless Shopping & Dining

Cashless Shopping & Dining

This Eid, go cashless in online tech purchases

While Ramadan only started recently, it won’t be long before it is time for Eid. And with Eid slowly approaching us, it is time for a long-awaited tech upgrade.

Ramadan Dining: Cashless edition

With the month of Ramadan in full swing, it’s getting around the time when we start venturing out of our homes for iftar. Don’t get me wrong, though. Iftar at home, with your family, always makes for a special evening.

Incentivise cashless transactions

Incentives are necessary to nudge people into using digital payment methods, such as cards and mobile financial services (MFS), so that Bangladesh can achieve its goal of becoming a cashless society.

Cashless purchases picking up this Eid

Sales of lifestyle items, groceries, electronics and many other goods typically skyrocket during this festive season, particularly 15-days prior to Eid as people buy all manner of food and gifts as a part of the celebration.