7th March

7th March

Bangabandhu’s finest hour

It is now 49 years that I, along with millions of others, had that special opportunity to be a part of history by being personally present at the Race Course Maidan (now Suhrawardy Udyan) on 7th March afternoon to hear, what turned out to be one of the most outstanding speeches in recent history.

The US Secret Cable / How the US saw March 7 speech

An immediate showdown between East and West Pakistan has been averted for the time being. The prospects for a reconciliation and settlement remain poor, however, and the basic elements of the situation remain essentially unchanged.

Road to March 7, 1971

Bangladesh is a country built on a foundation of struggle. The struggle for language, as our people sacrificed their lives to have our mother tongue be our state language in 1952.

A Historical Document / Bangabandhu’s March 7 Press Statement

Between the 1st March when there was a sudden announcement of the postponement sine die of the sitting of the National Assembly and the 6th March,