Staying on top of the 4IR at the policy level

Bangladesh is poised to join the ranks of middle-income countries in 2026, and industrial growth will form the backbone of our economy as we make this transition.

Overcoming challenges of LDC graduation

​​​​​​​The United Nations Committee on Development Policy (UN-CDP) determined in February 2021 that Bangladesh has satisfied all three requirements to graduate from the category of Least Developed Country (LDC) for the second time.

Our migrant workers deserve better protection

How often have you heard the term “hundi” recently? I would bet quite a few times, especially if you’ve been following the worried discussions surrounding the cost-of-living crisis and economic downturn, both at home and abroad.

Creating conditions for our youths to prosper

Despite overcoming its many economic challenges, one obstacle Bangladesh continues to struggle with is creating enough quality employment opportunities for its young population.

Making private sector a key driver of our economy

Bangladesh has come a long way in weaving its inspirational tale of incredible success as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Better care for migrants can ensure higher remittance earnings

Abdur Rashid Mia (32) from Narsingdi went to Saudi Arabia in June 2022. However, each step of his journey there was complicated – from getting his passport, to completing his medical check-ups, paying for his tickets and, finally, getting a job.

How can we become an attractive investment destination?

Economic growth and business development are highly dependent on the business climate created by socio-economic policies and political decisions of governments.

Nature-based solutions can fight two key battles together

In the last two months of 2022, two large global events took place on two continents flanking the Atlantic Ocean. In November, around 35,000 people met at the Egyptian tourist city of Sharm El-Sheikh for the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27).


Like the previous years, The Daily Star is proud to present to you yet another colourful, well-illustrated 216-page special supplement in five segments on the occasion of its 32nd Anniversary. SEGMENT 1, which appears today, is titled: “Towards a smart Bangladesh”; SEGMENT 2: “The changing middle-class story” will appear on February 13; SEGMENT 3: “Where Showbiz meets the Internet” on February 15; SEGMENT 4: “In with the new: Lifestyle Chronicles” on February 16; and SEGMENT 5: “Celebrating the inspirers” on February 19.

Lessons for Bangladesh as a graduating LDC

As per the decision of the UN General Assembly held in November 2021, Bangladesh is set to graduate out of the group of least developed countries (LDCs) on November 24, 2026, about 50 years after it first became a member of this cohort of developing countries in December 1975.

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