Bangladesh in 2050: Vision of a climate resilient society

What will Bangladesh look like in 2050? A layman’s projection allows us to draw a picture of its basic parameters. In terms of population, Bangladesh can reach a number of 230-240 million, with an average growth rate of 1.2 percent/year.

Skill set workers need for the future job market

As we fight to overcome the damages done by the Covid-19 pandemic and restart and recalibrate our economies, this is a golden opportunity to ask what we can do to prepare ourselves better for the next decade. One thing is certain.

Citizen participation in sustainable rural development

Meaningful citizen participation is imperative for equitable development. Since rural development is a people-oriented programme, it is essential that people should take an active part in the rural development process.

Our attitude towards heritage

The history of this land is obviously not just 50 years old. It goes back much deeper than that; a long, complicated, and fascinating journey throughout several centuries,

The big picture: Aerial views of Dhaka

We are grounded in reality. But sometimes, one needs to take a bird’s-eye view to gain perspective and see the bigger picture.

Women at work

There are multiple aspects to the barriers women face when they decide to work out of the house, be it for need or simply to pursue passions. Despite those facts,

The joys of travel

The pandemic brought travel to a halt. With flights grounded, restaurants shuttered, and popular tourist sites morphed into ghost towns,

LIFESTYLE chronicles

This year, Bangladesh celebrates its 50th anniversary, and chronicling half a century of progress is no mean feat! In the last 50 years, we have made noteworthy achievements in almost every field. The last year has been one of unprecedented difficulties, yet our progress has been steady.

Fabrics of Heritage

Farfetched as it may sound, this is the truth — this is history. Eventually with time, our grandeur subsided. Maybe there were forces acting against us or maybe it was our own short-sightedness that led to the demise of an incredible craft.

Fabrics of Heritage II

“Yes, once upon a time, the handloom taant was at its peak. But then came the powerloom variant, parallel to any other sector in the textile industry. That’s when we had the hardest time to compete, because powerlooms have the capacity and capability to yield in greater quantity.

Catching up with Forbes 30 under 30 Honourees from Bangladesh

Raba Khan was featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list, under the category, Media, Marketing & Advertising in 2020. Mostly known for her satirical videos, she is the youngest person from Bangladesh to be recognised by Forbes.

Editor’s Note

In the past year, as the coronavirus spread rapidly across populations around the world, jobs, social interactions and personal goals were all brought to a standstill. Despite these hurdles, Bangladesh’s young population worked tirelessly to respond to the issues exacerbated by the pandemic.

Are plans to demolish Dhaka University’s TSC justified?

Last December, ahead of Dhaka University’s birth centenary celebrations in 2021, the news that its iconic Teacher-Student Centre (TSC) will be demolished to be rebuilt into a modern structure came as a shock to many.

The Liberation War: A reading list

In 1971, the people of the then East Pakistan rose up against their military oppressors, firm on their goal to carve out a separate identity for themselves.

Youth-led ventures that thrived during the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic took the entire world by surprise, and shook businesses from variegated industries to the core. Amidst a great number of startups and other ventures suffering during the pandemic, new methods had to be employed to keep things afloat.

Musicians versus analytics

It will not be a stretch to say that releasing new music is easier than ever before—with little to no hurdles if you have a song ready to go, and access to either a third-party distribution app, or a manager who has access to the same.