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  • Revitalising Bangladesh’s agriculture sector

    Agriculture has consistently been the largest sector in Bangladesh, as in several other developing economies. About 50 percent of the population are employed in this sector and about 70 percent people overall depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

  • State of healthcare and Covid-19 management in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh’s health system has four key factors in its structure and functioning.

  • Socio-political evils of corruption: Not everything is lost yet

    Bangladesh is often mentioned as a development dilemma for its commendable performance in terms of GDP growth and socio-economic indicators on the one hand, that on the other, contrasts strikingly with pervasive corruption and poor performance in nearly every governance indicator.

  • Transforming Bangladesh into a stable success story

    After liberation in 1971, Bangladesh faced massive economic and humanitarian challenges right from the get-go. The country was born through struggle, but the struggles were nowhere near over as its economy was quite simply in tatters after the war—and even from before.


    Like the previous years we are celebrating our 30th Anniversary with yet another colourful, well-illustrated 184 - page special supplement in five segments.

  • Creating a modern and diverse capital market in Bangladesh

    In most market economies around the world, companies can typically choose between many financial assets to raise money for growth and capital expenditure.

  • Finding a new trajectory for education

    As we step into the second decade of the 21st century and Bangladesh is poised to become a middle-income country, a pertinent question about the education system may be whether the glass is half-full or half-empty.

  • The relentless efforts and achievements of our farmers

    Covid-19 has repeatedly raised the question of human survival on earth. It also brought to the fore the issues of food production, storage and agricultural skills.

  • Key socioeconomic issues we must address to reduce poverty

    Poverty is a multifaceted economic phenomenon. Although dealing with the causes of poverty in Bangladesh is complex, the country has nonetheless shown impressive improvements and resilience over the years. Before the coronavirus crisis,

  • Creating a safer Bangladesh for women

    Despite enacting several laws in the past decades to protect women and girls from violence, creating a safer space for women and girls is still a distant reality for Bangladesh.

  • SDGs: Where are we in achieving them?

    The Covid-19 crisis necessitates a new roadmap for humanity. No other previous crisis caused as much devastation and reversals in gains in development since the 1990s.

  • Challenges and opportunities of river management

    Rivers are priceless gifts of nature to every nation. For “Nodimatrik” Bangladesh they are considered by many as its life-lines equivalent to the veins and arteries of a human body.