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  • A walk down 'pop' lane

    How does one define culture, and essentially 'pop culture'? Never mind the academicians as there is no true consensus.

  • Explaining community supported agriculture

    Who does not want a piece of unadulterated farm-fresh produce served right on the table? Today, due to increased awareness

  • Finding Bangladesh

    In this short article, I humbly attempt to engage the readers and equip them with some facts about olden Bangladesh that once were

  • Zero chemicals; hero toiletries!

    You get up in the morning, brush your teeth, and gargle with your mouth wash, all the while thinking about the lunch meeting and

  • Stitched in time: The saga of Nakshi Kantha

    The Europeans may have lauded masterpieces of tapestry, but the iconic 'Nakshi Kantha' is a canvas indigenous to Bengal that holds a

  • Thakurma's stories: Bengali lit for children

    The origin and development of Bengali literature for children can be dated back to the times when colonial modernity began to

  • Once upon a time

    Over the decades, children's fairy tales and stories have evolved significantly. From Hans Christian Anderson's classics to the Grimm's

  • Surviving the test of time: Of shops and legacies

    Long before he became a 'darwan' at Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, he used to work as an apprentice under one Muslim Miah,

  • The great fish debate: to fry or not before cooking it!

    It was the usual hangout. And of course a heated debate began out of the blue. The topic of discussion – is fish tastier when fried

  • Truly Bangladesh

    Our identity is our truth. But the search for one's identity is anything but easy. It's because identity itself is not as straightforward a

  • Khadi diaries

    “When they sell, copper turns to gold but when we do, that very same gold becomes dust…”

  • Biased for a cause

    The cuckoo's call is ushering Spring, our favourite season. Once again, the premises of Charukola will fill with activities; cheerful women with garlands around their necks and gerbera blooms neatly tucked behind their ears will become a common sight.

  • Jibanananda: A lingering consciousness

    I was introduced to Jibanananda in 1999. In December of the penultimate year of the last millennium, I became 18; Jibanananda Das had just turned 100 in February.

  • Folk musical instruments of the land

    Melody is part of the Bangladeshi DNA, and no melody is complete without an instrument to go with it. Words often do not need a place as the sound of the bamboo flute mingles into the moonlight.

  • Reviving the katan

    A peacock blue katan with paisley motifs, a blushing girl in her pony tails, and a black teep —that about sums up one of my favourite