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  • Winter Weddings

    The month of December kicks-off the long awaited wedding season in Dhaka. The chilly breeze, coupled with warm Kachchi Biryani and a grande celebration of togetherness of newlyweds really brings out the festivity of this month.

  • 1 Like, 0 Prayer

    Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust.

  • Them

    During my visit to the Mirpur National Zoo, unsurprisingly, I noticed how the animals are not treated too well. But what really broke my heart was that the visitors didn't care too much either.

  • A piece of Heaven on Earth

    Mountains, clouds and ancient temples – Darjeeling is sometimes described as a piece of heaven on earth by many a tourist and traveler.

  • Caring For Special Children

    Caring for Special Children

    Najifa Tabassum was a premature baby and the doctor called her Einstein at her birth. First recognised to be a special child when she was 18 months old...

  • Dhaka Rain

    Monsoon and Dhaka have always had a love-hate relationship. Whenever it comes, rain brings along with it a number of troubles

  • Faces.Places.Stories

    Faces.Places.Stories” is a solo photography exhibition by Ata Mohammad Adnan and is currently running at the EMK Center, Dhanmondi-27, from Aug 13 till Aug 31.

  • Gambling with the last glory of Bengal

    While we have failed to protect most of our forests in Bangladesh for complex reasons, Sundarbans firmly stands in the south with all its glory.

  • Before Summer Rain

    Suddenly, from all the green around you, something-you don't know what-has disappeared;

  • Love for Bangladesh

    While fear gripped Dhaka city after the gruesome 1/7 attacks at the Holey Artisan Bakery, claiming 22 lives, there were individuals all across the globe showing support and giving sympathy to those affected by the tragedy.