Why must the public bear the burden of power sector subsidies?

The government has always claimed that it heavily subsidises the power and energy sector. And even now, when increasing electricity prices, they are saying it is because they have had to reduce the subsidy amount for this sector.

But how exactly is the subsidy amount provided by the government being spent? Is the public becoming a victim of incorrect policies taken by the government in terms of the energy and power sector? Speaking to us about this issue is Anu Muhammad, professor of economics at Jahangirnagar University. 



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বিএনপির সঙ্গে আলোচনা করে কী লাভ হবে, প্রশ্ন তথ্যমন্ত্রীর

নির্বাচন আয়োজন প্রতিষ্ঠান হচ্ছে নির্বাচন কমিশন। নির্বাচন কমিশন যদি আমাদের ডাকে আমরা নির্বাচন কমিশনে যাব