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  • Anu Muhammad

    The writer is member secretary of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports.

  • From ‘socialism’ to disaster capitalism

    “The demonstration of superfluous consumption amidst mass hardship must be eliminated. Thus sumptuous hotel dinners, the exhibition of costly jewellery and dress, and the display of surplus motor space speeding past long queues for heavily overloaded public transport, to mention only a few, must be limited severely.” — Professor Anisur Rahman, Member of first Planning Commission, 1974.
  • Media under surveillance capitalism

    Yes, our world has entered into a new phase of rule which can be termed as surveillance capitalism, at home as well as on a global scale. Shoshana Zuboff, the author of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism writes, “At its core, surveillance capitalism is parasitic and self-referential.
  • Youth against fear and injustice

    The public universities, old and new, are in quite a sorry state. It seems that these institutions exist only to offer support for the government’s misrule.
  • Workers’ cry in workers’ land

    Bangladesh is a workers’ land. More than seven million people are working here as manufacturing workers, nearly nine million in hotels and tea shops, more than four million in transport, two million in construction and more than 20 million women and men are actively engaged in agriculture.
  • In search of a development model that doesn't leave out people and the environment

    Is development essentially harmful for the environment? Must we sacrifice the environment in order to achieve much-needed development? Should we allow poisoning of our air, destruction of our forests, and pollution of our water to embrace development? If the answer is yes, how can we survive—how can this mother earth retain its ability to support our existence and our reproduction?