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High risk of dengue: Are the city corporations prepared?

From the beginning of the monsoon season number of dengue patients start increasing. Ahead of this year's monsoon season, the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) conducted a survey of Aedes mosquitoes in Dhaka from March 23 to April 4. According to the survey, the risk of dengue outbreak was much higher this year than in previous years. Are the 2 city corporations of Dhaka prepared to tackle dengue outbreaks?

Why is there an increased risk of dengue? If the number of dengue patients increases, will the hospitals be ready to deal with it?

The Daily Star Senior Reporter Helemul Alam joins Debjani Shyama at today's Star Newsroom to discuss the dengue situation in Dhaka.


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তিনি বলেন, 'বৃষ্টির অভাবে দুর্ভোগ আরও বেড়েছে। আমরা বারবার মিটিংয়ে বসে উপায় খুঁজে বের করছি এবং এই দুর্ভোগ কমানোর চেষ্টা করছি।'