Mashrafe thanks the troops

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza posted this picture of himself alongside members of the armed forces. Photo: Facebook

Bangladesh ODI skipper Mashrafe Bin Mortaza posted a message on Facebook thanking the country's armed forces after his visit to the Khagrachari Cantonment.

Mashrafe posted a lengthy message, writing about the many sacrifices, often thankless, that the armed forces make to ensure that everyday people feel safe and sound.

It was a heartfelt message, one where Mashrafe played down himself by writing that he 'plays cricket only', while also expressing his desire to work for the army, even if for a day.

"First and foremost, I'm shouting out a heartfelt "THANK YOU" for all you have done and continue to do for the countrymen and our country," he began.

"In my recent visit to Khagrachari Cantonment, I got to realize what an enormous sacrifice a soldier makes for our motherland. You are the people who are doers in a million small ways, but many of us won't find your stories on any national news channel or in any newspaper.

"I met a sepoy [soldier] who just heard that he is going to be a father very soon and kept his pregnant wife away from the remote camp. There are thousands of soldiers and officers doing the same thing every night and day. I agree, many of us are slumbering, lost in our own minor problems of day to day living, with nary a thought to spare for our country and you, her guardians, and for whom, may be Sepoy Polash is nothing more than another statistic.


"Standing for the national anthem in any comfortable zone or cheering loudly when Bangladesh beats any other team in a cricket match is the outer limit of our patriotism. But do remember, nothing compares to your sacrifice for the motherland, nothing!

"Today, every single member of the Bangladesh Army & Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is prepared to give up his life for the nation. I'm sorry for the fact that you and your near and dear ones have to suffer such hardships to ensure people like me wake up secure every morning.

"The day each and every citizen of this country shows this same eagerness to sacrifice everything for the motherland, that will be the beginning of our glorious future.

"Remember always: 'In Peace or In War, We are Everywhere for our Country'"

"Lastly, I would be ever grateful if I get a chance to work for Bangladesh Army even for a day. I thank you for reading this through to the end, dear soldier, dear Countrymen!"

He finished by writing: "Yours Mashrafe, who just play Cricket only"


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