China launches crewed spacecraft Shenzhou-12 in historic mission

China launched a spacecraft on Thursday carrying three astronauts to part of a space station still under construction for the longest stay in low Earth orbit by any Chinese national.

China to launch high-stakes crewed mission to space

China will send three astronauts into orbit on Thursday in a high-stakes mission, the first of four crewed space flights to complete the country’s space station by the end of next year.

China lands on Mars in latest advance for its space program

China has landed a spacecraft on Mars for the first time in the latest advance for its space program.

Mars' 'missing' water is buried beneath surface: study

Billions of years ago, Mars was home to lakes and oceans -- but where all the water went to transform the planet into the desolate rock we know today has been something of a mystery.

Mars rover Perseverance takes first spin on surface of red planet

NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance has taken its first, short drive on the surface of the red planet, two weeks after the robot science lab’s picture-perfect touchdown on the floor of a massive crater, mission managers said on Friday.

SCIENCE / Solar Orbiter gives scientists unprecedented look at Sun

Scientists said Thursday they had obtained the closest-ever images taken of the Sun as part of a pan-European mission to study solar winds and flares that could have far-reaching impacts back on Earth.

India proud despite moon landing failure

Communication with the Chandrayaan 2 lander is lost seconds before it was supposed to touch down on the moon's surface, chief of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has said.

India's Chandrayaan-2 to land on moon tomorrow

A month and half after its launch, India’s second unmanned moon mission Chandrayaan-2 stands just hours away from its destination of landing where no country has gone before—the south pole of the lunar surface.

India’s Chandrayaan-2 enters moon’s orbit successfully

India’s second unmanned moon mission, the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft, is successfully put into the lunar orbit, marking a major milestone for the country’s space programme.

India's Chandrayaan-2 to reach lunar orbit Aug 20

India's second unmanned moon mission 'Chandrayaan-2' is expected to reach the lunar orbit on August 20 and land on the lunar surface on September 7, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chairman K Sivan says.

India successfully launches Chandrayaan 2

India’s most ambitious unmanned mission to the moon is successfully launched six days after the previous lift-off had to be halted due to a technical snag.

India's second mission to moon rescheduled to July 22

India’s second unmanned mission to the moon, which was halted from launch three days ago due to a technical snag, will now take off on July 22, the Indian Space Research Organization says.

Lunar eclipse marks Moon landing's 50th anniversary

Fifty years to the day since mankind launched the first mission to set foot on it, the Moon is set to treat Earthlings to a partial lunar eclipse on Tuesday.

India to launch second mission to moon tomorrow

Eleven years after its maiden successful unmanned mission to the moon which found traces of water there, India is all set for the launch of the second one in the wee hours tomorrow (July 15).

The mission of a lifetime: A drone on Titan in 2034

NASA gives a project to send a drone quadcopter to Titan, Saturn's largest moon, the green light, which comes with a budget of nearly a billion dollars.

Man's first steps on the Moon, reported live by AFP

It was 10:56 pm at mission control in Houston on July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong became the first person to step onto the Moon.