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  • First Iranian-American astronaut reaches for stars

    Jasmin "Jaws" Moghbeli earns her fierce nickname during her time as a decorated helicopter gunship pilot who flew more than 150 missions in Afghanistan.

  • NASA's Mars 2020 rover set to hunt Martian fossils

    A NASA robotic rover is nearing completion ahead of a journey next year to search for evidence of past life on Mars and lay the groundwork for the space agency's mission to send humans into deep space.

  • Annular solar eclipse

    Annular solar eclipse on December 26

    A partial solar eclipse will be visible on December 26 in Bangladesh if the sky remains clear, according to Bangladesh Meteorological Department.

  • India proud despite moon landing failure

    Communication with the Chandrayaan 2 lander is lost seconds before it was supposed to touch down on the moon's surface, chief of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has said.

  • India's Chandrayaan-2 to land on moon tomorrow

    A month and half after its launch, India’s second unmanned moon mission Chandrayaan-2 stands just hours away from its destination of landing where no country has gone before—the south pole of the lunar surface.

  • India’s Chandrayaan-2 enters moon’s orbit successfully

    India’s second unmanned moon mission, the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft, is successfully put into the lunar orbit, marking a major milestone for the country’s space programme.

  • India's Chandrayaan-2 to reach lunar orbit Aug 20

    India's second unmanned moon mission 'Chandrayaan-2' is expected to reach the lunar orbit on August 20 and land on the lunar surface on September 7, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chairman K Sivan says.

  • India successfully launches Chandrayaan 2

    India’s most ambitious unmanned mission to the moon is successfully launched six days after the previous lift-off had to be halted due to a technical snag.

  • India's second mission to moon rescheduled to July 22

    India’s second unmanned mission to the moon, which was halted from launch three days ago due to a technical snag, will now take off on July 22, the Indian Space Research Organization says.

  • 50th anniversary lunar landing

    Lunar eclipse marks Moon landing's 50th anniversary

    Fifty years to the day since mankind launched the first mission to set foot on it, the Moon is set to treat Earthlings to a partial lunar eclipse on Tuesday.

  • India to launch second mission to moon tomorrow

    Eleven years after its maiden successful unmanned mission to the moon which found traces of water there, India is all set for the launch of the second one in the wee hours tomorrow (July 15).

  • The mission of a lifetime: A drone on Titan in 2034

    NASA gives a project to send a drone quadcopter to Titan, Saturn's largest moon, the green light, which comes with a budget of nearly a billion dollars.

  • Man's first steps on the Moon, reported live by AFP

    It was 10:56 pm at mission control in Houston on July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong became the first person to step onto the Moon.

  • Trump says moon is part of Mars

    US President Donald Trump declares that the moon is part of Mars and criticises NASA for aiming to put astronauts back on it by 2024.

  • China conducts first sea-based space rocket launch

    China launches a space rocket from sea for the first time, the latest step in Beijing's push to become a major space power.

  • The Moon is shrinking: Study

    The Moon is steadily shrinking, causing wrinkling on its surface and quakes, according to an analysis of imagery captured by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).

  • First ever black hole image released

    An international scientific team announces a milestone in astrophysics - the first-ever photo of a black hole - using a global network of telescopes to gain insight into celestial objects with gravitational fields so strong no matter or light can escape.

  • India’s ASAT weapons test a terrible thing: NASA

    NASA says the creation of orbital debris has led to new dangers for astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

  • NASA scraps all-women spacewalk for lack of well-fitting suits

    The US space agency NASA scrapped Monday a planned historic spacewalk by two women astronauts, citing a lack of available spacesuits that would fit them at the International Space Station.

  • New SpaceX astronaut capsule successfully launched

    NASA and SpaceX celebrate the successful launch of a new astronaut capsule on a week-long round trip to the International Space Station -- a key step towards resuming manned space flights from US soil after an eight-year break.

  • Super snow moon lights up sky today

    February's full moon will brighten the skies as the biggest supermoon of the year. The supermoon occurs during this full moon because it will be closest in its orbit to Earth. The super snow moon as it is being called will cross the skies today (Tuesday).

  • NASA announces Mars Rover Officially Dead

    Nasa bids farewell to lost Mars rover

    During 14 years of intrepid exploration across Mars, it advanced human knowledge by confirming that water once flowed on the red planet -- but Nasa's Opportunity rover has analysed its last soil sample.

  • Milky Way galaxy

    Our Milky Way galaxy is truly warped

    It turns out our Milky Way galaxy is truly warped, at least around the far edges.

  • Skywatchers await 'super blood wolf moon'

    Look up into the night sky on Sunday and - if it is clear - you may witness the so-called "Super Blood Wolf Moon" total lunar eclipse, which will take a star turn across the continental United States during prime time for viewing.

  • NASA and China collaborate on Moon exploration

    The space agencies of the United States and China are coordinating efforts on Moon exploration, NASA said Friday, as it navigates a strict legal framework aimed at protecting national security and preventing technology transfer to China.

  • 'Repeating' radio waves from deep space baffle scientists

    Astronomers in Canada have detected a mysterious volley of radio waves from far outside our galaxy, according to two studies published Wednesday in Nature.

  • NASA probe finds signs of water on asteroid Bennu

    NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has discovered ingredients for water on a relatively nearby skyscraper-sized asteroid, a rocky acorn-shaped object that may hold clues to the origins of life on Earth, scientists say.

  • Bangabandhu-1

    Bangladesh takes full control of Bangabandhu-1

    Thales Alenia Space which developed Bangladesh's first geostationary communications satellite, Bangabandhu-1, yesterday handed over its transmission and operation management to Bangladesh.

  • Nasa probe gets closest to sun

    Nasa's Parker Solar Probe, which launched earlier this year, has set a new record for becoming the closest human-made object to the sun, the US space agency announced Monday.

  • Chinese privately developed rocket fails to reach orbit

    A privately developed Chinese carrier rocket fails to reach orbit after lifting off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, in a blow to the country’s nascent attempts by private companies to rival Elon Musk’s SpaceX.