Channel: BanglaVision

Producer: Masud Ul Hasan 

Screenplay: Mabrur Rashid Bannah

Cast: Tahsan Khan, Bidya Sinha Mim

Strength: Acting, Modern story

Rating: 8/10

PLOT: Anila the food vlogger (played by Mim) is furious at the popularity garnered by the new food cart in town: Food Buzz, owned by Abrar (played by Tahsan). Anila's own restaurant, Food Hub, has seen a recent decline in sales and fan response, which forces her to try to trick Abrar and sabotage the competition in the process. Between this food war, sudden love blossoms between the two rivals, ultimately affecting the future of both their success in the business.

REVIEW: Created for the "Closeup Kache Ashar Offline Golpo 2017", the original story behind this 28-minute drama brings a lot of promise to the table. And surely, it delivers according to all its expectations. Despite the small length, the drama has done a fantastic job in depicting a unique story without compressing any necessary elements. The fan-favorite pair of Tahsan and Mim show us their magic once again by another excellent performance. The concept of restaurants fighting each other was shown from a very modern point of view which had its own charm as well.

Tahsan, especially, showed a new form of energy in his performance. His acting seemed to exude more enthusiasm and charisma than usual, which is definitely saying a lot considering his typical work ethic. Mim did a great job showing emotional conflict in her character. As someone attempting to understand her own feelings and eventual mistakes, she showcases all that exceptionally well. The story itself deserves a lot of credit too. Even though the romantic buildup seemed a bit forced in the end, the ultimate moral of the drama is an encouraging one, which rounds up the conclusion quite nicely. The drama shows that we should value our love over personal need for vengeance. A great message to go by in the month of love.  

Reviewed by Shams Rashid Tonmoy


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