Through the eyes of

Through the eyes of


My journey in this arena began in my first year of education in Jagannath College in Chatmohar Upazila, Pabna, through the various cultural activities I partook in.

Shahnaz Khushi

I got married to Brindabon Das in 1994 at the office of the theatre troupe, Aranyak Natyadal. From then onwards, my journey in acting began.

Wahida Mollick Jolly

My family and surroundings were my main inspirations in choosing a career in acting. Every member of my family have been somehow related to art and culture. So, it was quite mandatory to be involved in those besides academics.

through the eyes / Rahmat Ali

I have been associated with dramas since my childhood. I used to participate in plays held in cultural programs at my school.

through the eyes / KAZI HAYAT

I always dreamed of somehow establishing myself in the world of cinema.

Through the eyes / ALI RAJ

My journey as an actor began with working in theatre. But, it took a turn for the better when I started working for BTV, which, back then, only showed black and white telefilms.

through the eyes / Omar Sani

Nowadays, I’m entirely at leisure. I’m not busy with films like I once used to be. So, I take up roles that completely match my interests. But, as an artist, there’s always that hunger to work.

through the eyes / KABIR BAKUL

Life in suburban areas gave me a lot of opportunities to pursue my hobbies. So, I had the complete freedom of following my passion.

Zakir hossain Raju

I had the idea of making films when I was in college. I used to watch a lot of films during that time. If I liked a certain film, I would probably watch it several times.


Popular film and television actor, Aruna Biswas started her journey in show business in 1986, with the film, ‘Chapa Dangar Bou’, directed by Nayak Raj Razzak. She has been a part of numerous hit films during her career spanning over three decades. This week, the actor talks about her journey in the showbiz industry and her personal life.

Azad Abul Kalam

A dear face of the showbiz industry, Azad Abul Kalam is a celebrated actor, director and playwright. In his career spanning over three decades, the multi-talented actor has presented the audience with memorable plays, dramas and movies.


‘Chumki Choleche Eka Pothe’, ‘Chupi Chupi Bolo Keu Jeney Jabe’ and ‘Jodi Bou Shajo Go’ are classics that remain ever popular among


I grew up in an environment seeped in music. My father was a cultural enthusiast and every Sunday he hosted a musical gathering at our place where he invited reputed artists of that time to sing.


Award-winning actor, Riazuddin Ahmed Siddiqui, better known as Riaz has won the hearts of the masses with his charming personality and brilliant performances.

Gazi Rakayet

Gazi Rakayet, is one of the prominent names in the television and theatre industry. He started off as a theatre actor, and later expanded his artistic skills towards theatre direction and filmmaking.


Bapparaj established himself in the film industry with films like ‘Boner Raja Tarzan’, ‘Pagleer Prem’ and ‘Jibon Simante’. Over the years, he has allured the masses with his acting prowess. In this interview with Star Showbiz, the actor opens up about his life.

Salauddin Lavlu

Salauddin Lavlu is one of the notable actors, screen writers and directors of the Bangladeshi television industry.

Azizul Hakim

The noted actor, Azizul Hakim has been well-received and loved by his audience for about half a century now. Through his acting finesse and versatility, he has left his mark in all forms of media, be it theatre or television.