Director: F. Javier Gutiérrez

Cast: Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki, Vincent D'Onofrio

Duration: 102min

Strength: Sequel of a popular movie

Weakness: Poor story development

Rating: 3/10

PLOT: High school sweethearts Julia (Matilda Lutz) and Holt (Alex Roe) become involved in a predicament regarding a cursed video, which leads to Hoyt going missing. Unwilling to lose her beloved, Julia watches the video, knowing that those who do so could be free of the curse. However, the couple soon come across the mysteries of a cursed death and find themselves trapped in a horrid cycle.

REVIEW: All horror fans know "The Ring" movie series, and admittedly, the first movie had the right amount of suspense and horror which made it so enjoyable to watch. The sequel failed to maintain this by adapting a nonexclusive jumpscare horror fest. "Rings (2017)" does not have any of the masterful components that made the first movie great. Thus, we see yet another great film franchise completely destroyed by dreadful remakes.

A huge drawback was that, the movie's story made little to no sense, indicating bad writing and lack of insight from the producer and director. The concept is basically the same as the first movie, too, which means there is no new entertainment to be obtained from watching the sequel. The film is only recommended to the diehard fans of "The Ring" movies. Truth to be told, "Rings (2017)" is unjustifiably awful. It's not worth your money, time or effort.

Reviewed by Shamma Shawki Arpita


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