Great Eid Natoks of years gone by

Best Eid Natoks 2018

Every year hundreds of new shows come out during the Eid holidays, and in the mess of things it can be difficult to decide on a show to watch to completion. Add to that the ridiculously long advertisements and the experience is downright painful. This is why we've compiled some classic Eid natoks from years gone by, so that you have some quality content to fall back on when the TV disappoints. Plus, you can find all of these shows on YouTube, from the TV networks' channels.


Our protagonist Asif returns to Bangladesh after seven years abroad for a school reunion. He seeks out childhood friends, and we follow the journey as we discover more about each of their lives and their complications in life. The story might sound generic but it keeps moving fluently enough for that to not be a real issue. It has its light moments and well-timed humour, but in the end it is a serious and well-grounded storyline. Saying any more than that would spoil it for you.

One of the best parts of this is the acting, but that is to be expected from a star-studded cast which features Iresh Zaker, Tahsan Khan, Joya Ahsan, Ishita, Ronok and Ripon Nath. All of them delivered strong performances, with Ishita playing the most engaging character as Iresh Zaker's character's wife. The camera work was splendid, and even the shaky-camera scenes were executed well while fitting in with the moments of conflict and dramatic discovery. Finally, the story introduces some surprising revelations, enough to keep you invested in the progression during the relatively short eighty-minute runtime. The ending is also a tear-jerker, so keep tissues at hand if you're the type to wear your emotions on your sleeve.


In case the last recommendation was a bit too serious for you, try this out. "Vitamin T" is what happens when a group of friends come across a bag of money in a CNG. After spending all of it without a care in the world, as you would, they realise that the money belongs to a certain vengeful Jobbar bhai. Of course, he's a criminal boro bhai and he wants his money back. The rest of the show is concerned with trying to get back the money by whatever means possible.

The good part about Vitamin T is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. Since the story is sort of predictable, it focuses more on the jokes and their delivery. On that count, it excels. The jokes are well-timed and never feel like you're waiting for a punchline to hit. The characters are your stereotypical group of friends. There's the airhead who's only concerned about looks. The male version of this airhead also exists, and is a YouTuber played by Salman Muqtadir. There's the logical thinker, who has strong morals and civic sense. Lastly, there are the street-smart duo who are the ones making most of the jokes. Friendship dynamics are represented very well, and the actors mesh organically. Tariq Anam Khan is the perfect choice for the antagonist, and his "operation" scene in particular is guaranteed to itch your funny bone the right way.

For me, however, the star of the show is Mishu Sabbir. Boy, can this man play funny roles. His charisma makes the show as fresh and lively as it is, so strap in for a barrel of laughs. In case you haven't been able to tell, the T in Vitamin stands for Taka. Very creative, I know.


When it comes to plots, this one would be the most different so far. Again, this is about a group of friends. This time however, these are people out of their element. This wacky bunch of city kids venture out into a village and get acquainted with the people over the course of their holiday. Along the way they meet interesting characters, and learn much about a bridge which has historical ties to the liberation war. Eventually they fight and overcome societal restrictions to repair the bridge to its former glory, using the power of "we".

This might seem like a silly thing to note, but I really loved the colour palette of the Natok. All the shots are bright and lively, with colours popping out of the screen during most scenes. Add scenic village beauty to the mix, and you have a recipe for a beautiful aesthetic. The story takes some interesting turns and raises issues like influential people abusing power, as well as spreading positive messages like the benefits of persistence and showcasing social media as a powerful tool. These are all feel-good vibes, and make this a very wholesome watch. The songs also helped bolster this mood, along with the reminiscing of the days of the Liberation War. There were, however, a few let-downs. The acting of the younger members of the cast left a little to be desired, but the more experienced members of the cast made up for it. Near the end, when we get to the feel-good sections, the story starts to get a bit predictable. In the end, however, this remains a very wholesome watch that is pretty on the eyes and good on the ears.

At the end of day, these are some solid Eid shows of years gone by that are sure to bring a smile to your face. If you're ever bored during the Eid festivities, remember that these shows have your back.


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