Youtube Channel Review

TheLazylazyme: When indie is life

Are you a hardcore indie music fan? Are your favourite songs from artists or bands that most of your friends have never heard of? Then this YouTube channel is for you.

Think of the most obscure artists and songs you can think of and Thelazylazyme channel will have each song posted with a perfectly hipster/vaporwavy artwork to go with each song. You don't have to know what the songs mean, but it all just comes together somehow, because it's all indie.

Getting into indie music to impress your hipster girlfriend? Scavenge through the 1300+ videos all featuring a vocal reverb, so full of echo, that you'd think all these songs were recorded in their bathroom. These artists will include: Lunar Vacation, Sobs, Video Age, Blonde Tongues, Peach Pit, The Marias and so on. Don't know any of them? That's fine, neither do we and that is exactly why this channel is the perfect social catalyst for you when you want to gloat about your eccentric taste in music by posting songs no one has ever heard of. It is a goldmine for every teenager trying to build an image or a 20-something year old trying to feel young and "aesthetic".


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