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  • Adventures of Appalachia

    Fans of one of the oldest RPG franchises were taken by surprise when Bethesda capped off their E3 presentation by announcing Fallout 76.

  • Shadow Of A Franchise

    There was not much hype about Shadow of the Tomb Raider - be it due to the sub-par marketing efforts by Square Enix or because of the release date being too close to Marvel's Spider-Man.

  • The Siege Team in India

    Bangladesh's gaming scene has primarily been focused on League of Legends, Counter-Strike and Dota for years now. The recent addition of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (R6S) to the scene in Bangladesh has completely changed that.

  • The Siege Team in India

    Bangladesh's gaming scene has primarily been focused on League of Legends, Counter-Strike and Dota for years now. The recent addition of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (R6S) to the scene in Bangladesh has completely changed that.

  • Games we would love to play on VR

    Video games are more than just for entertainment purpose. Often, one plays them not for the sake of being entertained, but for the nostalgia that they get while playing those games. So here is a crazy thought. Why not give our classic or beloved games a reboot?

  • Carve Your Odyssey

    Set in 431 BCE in Ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta, Odyssey's island-hopping story sees you playing as the descendant of the legendary Spartan King Leonidas (This is Sparta!). Who you play as in Odyssey marks a first for the Assassin's Creed franchise, as you now have the choice of playing the game exclusively as a male or female character in the shape of siblings Alexios and Kassandra.

  • A step in the right direction

    Expecting anything other than incremental updates to this year's FIFA is more than far-fetched. However, FIFA 19 manages to gently nudge the series in the right direction.

  • Your Definitive Neighbourhood Spidey

    When Spider-Man 2: The Game came out on in 2004, it was a revelation. More often than not, video game developers hadn't been able to translate superhero stories to an interactive medium, but Spider-Man 2 was the exception.


    Anticipation is what I had when I jumped into my first match. What I left with, was disappointment. The Battlefield V Open Beta went live on September 4 for people who either had Origin Access or pre-ordered the game. For the rest of us who are more conscious about our expenditure regarding video games, it went live on September 6. The beta ended on September 11.

  • Why aren't you playing JRPGS?

    Among gamers, Japanese role-playing games, or JRPGs as they are colloquially known, hold a divisive status. One sect of fans adore them, often intersecting with anime fans, these fans are more open to giving chances to JRPGs since anime-esque tropes and designs fill the genre.

  • Games where “lag” isn't an excuse

    As fun as it is to jump into a server with your friends, it feels incomplete. Even when you're on a group call with your buddies, it doesn't really feel like you're in the thick of things. If you've experienced this, then you need to detox with some good ol' local multiplayer fun. Check out the following games if you have a spare controller lying around.

  • Improving over perfection

    Horizon Zero Dawn was an incredible surprise when it released last year. Coming from a developer who was only known for linear sci-fi first person shooter, Guerilla's first attempt at an open world, third-person action RPG exceeded all of my expectations with a wonderfully crafted world, interesting characters, meaningful quests and a fascinating story that continually answered questions that were burning in the back of my mind. It was near-perfect.

  • BO4 Beta Impressions: Black Ops 2 but a bit worse

    When I booted up the new beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, I was extremely sceptical of how it would pan out. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the experience I got out of the game. Still, there are quirks that need ironing out for this to become one of the best CoD games in years.

  • 5 games to look forward to this year

    With this year's E3 leaving a sour taste in the mouth for many, it is now obvious that 2018 isn't as good a year for gaming as it was hyped up to be.

  • Hand Holding in Video Games: How much is too much?

    Every video game ever made has had to hold your hands in some way or another. Whether it was through tutorials or constant textual jargon, even a game like Dark Souls gave you some clues as to where you were supposed to go next. But do AAA games take this measure a little too far or are 34 different status bars and constant pop ups a sure fire way to success?

  • Facial animations: An often overlooked feature

    It's no secret that games are better in terms of graphical detail. Along the way we've had games which have almost perfectly rendered the human face, and others which had faces that looked like badly smudged finger-paintings. As things get even better, you can't help but wonder how far the level of detail can go.

  • SHOUT Picks - Games that got ported to mobile

    Mobile gaming has long been the awkward cousin of the gaming world; y'know, the one who everyone avoids at family gatherings. However, recently it has improved quite a bit. So much so that its rosters include more than “Clash Royales of Clansmen”, and feature classics from consoles and PC. The following are some of the more notable entries.

  • Games that beat the E3 hype

    E3 comes around each year with mind-boggling trailers of games which ultimately turn out to be mediocre. Over-the-top trailers and expectation exceeding claims make up for a fair bit of the hype and games can seldom live up to that anticipation. No Man's Sky, Star Wars: Battlefront, and The Order 1886 all come to mind when

  • E3 2018: a mixed bag this year

    The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the biggest event of the gaming calendar. But with rampant leaks and rumours ending up as truth, a lot of E3 2018's charm was lost to its predictability.

  • What went wrong for the Xbox One?

    The short answer to the title – the initial online only reveal at E3 2013, a lack of system sellers and the PlayStation 4. The Xbox One irrevocably lost this generation and, unlike the PlayStation 3 from the previous generation, ended up playing all the wrong cards. Both consoles had botched releases, insane price tags and no games to show for at launch but then how did the PS3 still recover? To understand the fate of Microsoft and the Xbox brand, the more appropriate question to ask is, how did the Xbox 360 win?