The wheels of the bus go round and round

On a dark, stormy night in 1992, a bus full of passengers was speeding in Dhaka roads when a cement truck collided with it. The bus spun uncontrollably and crashed tragically into the lake next to the road but when locals rushed to the area the bus and its passengers were nowhere to be seen. The divers searched in vain.

The ghost bus with its ghost driver and ghost passengers still roam the streets of Dhaka trying desperately to reach its destination that it never made it to 27 years ago. The bus never knows when its time will run out again so its speeds violently and fearlessly, trying to overtake whatever is on the road, knowing well that the passengers are all dead inside.

However, the bus and its passengers are trapped inside for eternity and must live out their entire afterlives sitting in Dhaka traffic.

If you mistakenly board the haunted bus the passengers will stare at you creepily from head to toe because they have long forgotten what a real human in flesh and blood looks like and secretly longs for the time they were one too.

You must always be aware of the haunted bus when you are on the road walking – the last time this bus passed the fitness test was in 1988.


Mrittika Anan Rahman is a daydreamer trying hard not to run into things while walking. Find her at [email protected]


১১ মিনিট আগে|জাতীয় বাজেট ২০২৩-২৪

‘বাজেট ঘাটতি পূরণে ব্যাংক ঋণ নেওয়ার ধারা পরিহার করা উচিত’

বাজেট ঘাটতি পূরণে ব্যাংক ঋণ নেওয়ার চলমান ধারা মূল্যস্ফীতির চাপ আরও বাড়াতে পারে এবং আগামী অর্থবছরে ডলার সংকট আরও বাড়াতে পারে বলে মনে করছেন অর্থনীতিবিদরা।