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  • Romanticism and Gothicism through literature and arts

    The second day of the event included the cultural competition, where students from five different universities presented their interpretations of Romanticism and Gothicism through poetry

  • The Olden Times of 2019

    Cowsar sat there, looking outside his garden at the Red Planet's artificial-earthen beauty. The red earth looked surprisingly pretty in the blinding light of the sun.

  • The world of Terry Pratchett

    The late great Sir Terry Pratchett was a force to be reckoned with in the domain of fantasy novels. While his contributions to the world of literature are innumerable, Pratchett's life encompassed a lot more than just the art of writing books.

  • 5 lesser known classic novels by women

    Literary classics are described as works of art that evoke certain emotions and brings forth extremely important themes through the authors' brilliantly deduced philosophy on life and human behaviour.

  • A guide to Neil Gaiman's lesser known work

    Neil Gaiman ticked all the boxes on the “celebrity author” checklist long before he garnered mainstream fame. He guest starred in two episodes of “The Simpsons”, wrote multiple bestselling novels, penned one of the greatest comic book series of all time, and (what he considers to be one of his greatest achievements) scripted an episode of Doctor Who.

  • Not Your Regular Fiction Genres

    If someone asked me what my favourite fiction genre is, I would probably reply with a predictable “fantasy” or “romance”.

  • Breaking Writer's Block

    Whether it's a page or screen devoid of words, writer's block can get crippling. Most of us know “advice” such as taking a walk, having coffee, changing writing tool or going on vacation, is hardly helpful.

  • Back to Printed Books

    Lured by the countless “Addicted to the smell of books” posts and photos of stacks for summer reading, I decided that perhaps it might not be a terrible idea to revert back to paperbacks and hardcover books.

  • Murakami's Kafka on the Shore

    When Kafka Tamura runs away from his Tokyo house the day he turns fifteen to escape a strange curse his father set upon him, little does he know his life will end up with so many twists and turns.

  • The Spy who Lives on

    It was the summer of 1965. A tall, young man with dark shades in his early 30s got on his motorbike and embarked on a long arduous journey of over 350 kilometers starting from Dhaka and finally arrived at Kaptai...

  • Tagore for Hipsters

    We love to revel in the literary genius of Rabindranath Tagore – be it through his songs, novels, stories or plays.

  • Stories for the Summer

    It's been an embarrassingly long time since I sat down to write something.

  • Beginner's Guide to Nonfiction

    When we talk about narrative literature, we generally mean fiction. Thrillers, fantasy, detective novels – name anything, and it's

  • Fictional Deaths

    We all have gone through that horrible phase of curling up in our beds and crying over the deaths of our favourite fictional characters...

  • Rejected Bestsellers on the Rebound

    If you ever feel like you've made a wrong decision in life, just think about the 12 publishers who rejected Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone before finally the 8-year-old daughter of Bloomsbury's editor demanded to read the rest of the manuscript her father had shown her.