Time is of the Essence

Manchester just called

Says there was an attack

I console her 

Through drowsy mumble

And say, "Time difference."

She understands,

And hangs up.

I fall asleep, almost instantly.

In my dream, 

I hear the screams

The pleas 

The cries

All the way from Syria

I explain to them,

"It's not in my hands."

When I wake up

And step outside my door,

I notice the mailbox 

Overflowing with postcards



From Somalia

Are you coming?

Please do something

I write back,

"It's not possible"

"I live all the way here."

I head out for work

My phone beeps

A text from Sundarban

My plants are being murdered

The animals are barely breathing

Will you save us?

I type back,

"I can't"

"I've got so much work."

When I get off the bus,

I see a bunch of kids 

In front of the office

They don't call

Or mail

Or text

They silently gaze at me

With starving eyes

And broken smiles

What about us?

We're right here.




And I say

"Time of is of the essence"

"Please step aside."


ঢাকার কিছু এলাকায় গুঁড়ি গুঁড়ি বৃষ্টি
২০ মিনিট আগে|আবহাওয়া

ঢাকার কিছু এলাকায় গুঁড়ি গুঁড়ি বৃষ্টি

রাজধানী ঢাকায় বিশেষ করে দক্ষিণ অংশে সকাল থেকেই গুঁড়ি গুঁড়ি বৃষ্টি হচ্ছে।