Unicef voices concern over attacks on teachers

Expressing concerns over the recent attacks on teachers in Bangladesh, Unicef has called for ensuring their safety and security.

"Unicef is deeply concerned about the recent series of attacks on teachers in Bangladesh. Unicef stands with the country in condemning these attacks, and we call for the safety and security of teachers to be upheld," Sheldon Yett, Unicef representative to Bangladesh, said in a statement yesterday.

The UN agency came up with the statement after a few incidents of attacking teachers took place in the country.

Yett said, "Teachers play a critical role in ensuring children's right to education. But to do their job -- to teach students to think critically, grow to their fullest potential and be good human beings -- they need to be able to teach without fear.

"Attacks on teachers are attacks on education. If we fail to protect teachers from violence, it will be children who ultimately suffer."


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