Bangladesh: A War Like No Other

It’s now the responsibility of the youth to dig through that history and feel proud.

Did you ever ask, why you fear maths?

Why do students fear maths? There's much more to maths than numeracy.

Autumn Festivals and Nobanno

Ancient societies were agrarian. From farmers at the bottom to zamindars and kings at the top, everybody depended on a good harvest. The word harvest derives from the Old English hærfest which means autumn. The autumn harvest was usually the largest harvest of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The weather was neither warm nor cold. Everybody prayed to the heavens for manna (sustenance) to fall. When manna did fall, there would be feast and festivity. When manna didn't fall, it could spell disaster for everybody.

Religious Festivals and Holiday Blues

Sadly, not all religious festivals are accommodated with breathing space.

Checking exam scripts: One moral side of teaching

I can safely proclaim that one of the hazards of teaching is checking exam scripts.

SHOUT at 9!

SHOUT was born in 2013, with an established legacy behind it.

Claustrophobia, and the lack of open spaces in Dhaka

Ever since I started living in Dhaka, I feel suffocated.

How I kept my New Year’s resolution

It was, without a doubt, a challenging task.

Another side of the story

Skill, grades and universities – which one matters the most?

One side of the story

Are skills more important, or grades?