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  • Online Addiction - Finding an answer to life

    In this concluding part, we start with the questionnaire from the last Echoes (published Dec 6, 2018) that tested a participant's online addiction.

  • Online Addiction - Asking Yourself Questions

    In January 2010, Steve Jobs unveiled Apple's first iPad. For more than one hour, Jobs tried to argue that everybody should own an iPad.

  • Developing Skills in University

    You arrive at Subarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. After passing immigration you search for the taxi stand. While waiting, you feel hungry. Three vendors are selling pizza.

  • Empathy looking at others through their eyes

    The word empathy entered the English dictionary in 1909 when the British psychologist Edward Titchener translated the German word einfühlung. He defined empathy as “feeling into”. Titchener was working with the German psychologist Wilhem Wundt at Leipzig University. Experimental psychology was emerging as a new branch that studied how people see their world and how they respond to it.

  • TIME: How do people see it

    Time was first measured by observing the moon or the sun through calendars. In 1582 AD, Pope Gregory XIII modified the Julian Calendar of Julius Caesar. The objective of the Gregorian calendar was to mark

  • Universal Basic Income

    Universal Basic Income - More than just fighting robots

    Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are here to stay. They'll only become more and more efficient and intelligent. It's not unnatural to ask the question: will these robots make us all redundant one day? Only time can tell how the future unfolds. The question to ask now is: what to do?

  • Floating Schools

    Floating Schools: A beautiful innovation

    Bangladesh is located at the crossing of two mighty rivers: the Ganges and the Brahmaputra. This is one of the reasons why Bangladesh is the largest delta in the world. Being the largest delta has made the land one of the most fertile in

  • Fatima Al-Fihri

    Muhammad Bin Abdullah Al-Fihri Al-Quaraouiyine (pronounced “karaween”) was born in the city of Al-Qayrawan in today's Tunisia. He migrated to Fez in today's Morocco. Fez was then under the Idrisid dynasty.

  • Thaler and the Nobel in Economics: A Vintage Selection

    The neoclassical school was based on rationality. When making decisions, people maximise things they like and minimise things they don't like.

  • The Rise of Emoticons and Emojis

    In April 2015, the British tennis player, Andy Murray, married Kim Sears. Andy tweeted in celebration. The tweet was unusual.

  • Good grades alone may not be good enough

    For centuries, since the first university, Al Quaraouiyine in Fez, Morocco (est: 859 AD), universities have been a centre of learning.

  • How Young Bangladeshis can Embrace the Winds of Change

    In my undergrad, a text was mentioned. Bangladesh: The Test Case for Development by Just Faaland and Richard Parkinson, in 1976.

  • Plagiarism: Why and how to avoid it

    At some point in your student life you'll need to hand in written work. This may be an assignment, a term paper, or a thesis.

  • Too much sugar is not sweet

    Two of your friends work out. After the workout, one friend receives 12 oranges to eat.

  • Gillette: A Two-part Pricing Success

    Have you ever wondered why the price of the ink (toner) of a printer is a large part of the price of the printer itself?

  • A History of Accurate Time Keeping

    From where are you reading today's 'Echoes'? You must be laughing. You take out your smart device. Connect to the web.

  • First Year Blues

    Undergraduate life happens during the time of youth-hood: 18 to 22/23 years, when a person is the most productive in learning and acquiring skills.

  • Food for thought about wasting food

    Today people have more food to eat than ever before. Technology has made it possible to produce surplus food in many countries.

  • Influence Marketing: The Gold Rush in Advertising

    Once a target audience is fixed, a brand needs a platform to advertise their products. As time has passed, platforms have changed. Brands also use people to endorse their products.

  • Re-thinking Public University Entrance Exams

    As a nation progresses, it faces new challenges. The road that brought it to where it stands is usually never the road that will take it forward furthermore. University admission (entrance) exams have undergone changes to keep up with the times.


    The average is a number that represents many other numbers in a distribution. The average is not unique because different distributions: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; 2, 3, 4; and 1, 3, 5 can all have the same average.

  • CGPA: The Average of All Averages

    The other day, Echoes told you 'The Average Story of the Average'. Today, Echoes talks about a special average, the

  • ROALD DAHL 100 - Still a Little Nonsense Now & Then

    Had I been alive today, I would have celebrated my 100th birthday on September 13, 2016 with all of you. As you know, I left the world on November 23, 1990 when I was 74.

  • The Average Story of the Average

    We all want to be normal. The irony, though, is nobody wants to be average. Yet, this very benchmark, the average, is our constant companion from the moment we realise anything in life to the moment we stop realising everything.

  • Garfield Sobers: 80 Not Out

    Who do you get when you mix the left hand bat of a Graeme Pollock with the left and right arm pace of a Wasim Akram and a Glen McGrath?


    In the mid-1960s, psychedelic and progressive rock was emerging in the underground clubs in London. In 1965, Pink Floyd formed. By 1967, Syd Barrett, its co-founder, brought a breath of fresh air with Arnold Layne and See Emily Play.

  • A Father's Thoughts on Father's Day

    A good two hours before the clock struck midnight in the transition between Jun 18 and Jun 19, 2016, the newsfeed on my Facebook profile started to flood.


    I had the good fortune of participating in a 1999 BBC poll that asked people in the UK: who is the most influential sport personality of the 20th Century?

  • Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone at 75

    One of the most influential poet-singers of the last century, Bob Dylan celebrated his diamond jubilee (75 years) birthday on May 24, 2016.

  • The World of Mental Math

    The boy arranged the numbers from 1 to 50. For the next 50, he reversed the order from 100 to 51. Each pair adds to 101.