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We all are familiar with the concept of “life goals”, aren't we? For some it's kind of a measuring stick for forming a judgement about a person. When you're a kid, the answers to the age-old question “What do you want to be in life?” are a source of amusement for the elderly. You get a free pass on your opinions around this time. Fast forward to your adult life and if you don't have a specific life goal by now, say goodbye to the days of getting away with replying “I want to fly high up in the sky like Superman!” Nevertheless, if you pay close attention to the elapsed time, you will notice how your perception of life goals evolves and in most cases, matures too. And that's a good thing.

Remember Darwinism? The fascinating scientific breakthrough explains how the human race got to this point, thanks to evolution. The theory, however, has so many metaphorical layers to it that you can apply it to a number of human aspects in life. Evolution, as we know it, is something that depicts the change of something over the course of time for survival.

From the point we start thinking about life goals to the point of actually achieving them, our perceptions go through a range of modifications. You will never be able to correlate a teenager's life goal perceptions to that of someone who's sipping coffee while sitting in their desk, going through the stack of files they have been assigned to work on over the 9 to 5 period. As people age, they start to think differently. People start to see things in a different way, with a lot of intricate details coming into play here.

But just how much do perceptions evolve over time? Starting from scratch is a good way to initiate this journey of discovery.

For SSC candidate Shafkath Hossain, aged sixteen, life goals are the most essential part of one's future planning. At the same time, it is also about flexing your muscles a bit; playing around with a few options can result in finding the definitive career path.

“I think one should get on planning for the future from the earlier part of teenage life. Setting goals is important. It gives you a sense of direction. It's up to you to choose the ladder that you want to climb up in life. But I believe keeping a few options in hand is also a safer bet. You never know how your life is going to end up in future, a lot of things can and will change. It's a calculated risk that promises to pay off big time. The first step is always the most important one. But setting out by hitting the bull's eye is not the only recipe for success. Making mistakes and learning from it is how I plan on moving forward, toward the life goal,” says Shafkath.

Embarking on the adventurous journey of life should give you the rush of adrenaline unlike anything else. However, choosing a suitable and appropriate goal plays a significant role here. If you are not excited about what lies ahead in life, if the thought of endless opportunities does not get you pumped up for a big leap then it's not the smooth start to a new chapter in life.

That's how Abhishek Akash, who just completed his O Levels, sees it. He says, “I need to see the bigger picture here — a picture that is as big as my dream. Finding a balance between my life goal and my expectations from life is important. At this point, I am not thinking about a big house or a fancy car by the age of 50. Right now, my mind is set on exploring as much as I can and finding a space where I can adjust those two elements together fittingly.”

Opportunities are what drive people at such an age. At this point in life the young blood is en route to self-discovery. And by self-discovery, I don't mean career paths and alternatives. It's simply the journey of realising the personal traits and figuring out life goals that complement each other. Quite a bumpy ride ahead but an exciting one nonetheless.

But is that the same way people in other stages in life form their perspectives as well? How about those on the verge of taking off their convocation robes and looking to suit up for the battle of survival in the real and ruthless world?

Moshiur Rahman, a recent BBA graduate from North South University, shares his views on the subject matter. “It has been a couple of months since I started as a Management Trainee at a well-renowned bank. And right from the get-go my goal has been clear. I have a well painted picture in my head of where I want to be in next 20 years. And my goal right now is to sprint towards that. Back in my early 20s, I hadn't figured out quite a few of the pieces in the puzzle but now that I do, it's easier. It's easier in the sense that I have figured out the most complex piece of the puzzle. Growing up is maturing up to make the tougher decisions in life. At the moment, life is about carrying out responsibilities that brings me closer to a stable future inch by inch,” he says.

Finding balance and focus in life becomes a fascinating activity for this age group. Security, prestige and career growth — all these aspects play a role in structuring life goals. But now, what about those gearing up to face a later phase of their life?

The process of evolution enters a new chapter here. Final preparations take centre stage. The spotlight shifts to not just the individual in question, but to those who are the near and dear ones as well. The ultimate focus here is to settle down with a sense of peacefulness and no regrets.

Ekramul Haque Mondol, aged 37, had no intentions of owning a real estate agency when he was drifting through his 20s. But that's how life panned out for him. Looking back now, he doesn't think it went bad at all.

He says, “Expect your life to twist and turn in ways you never thought it could. One thing I always made sure of was to survive the tide of life. When you are young and fresh, you don't think about the countless complexities and implications of making decisions. You just think about going with your instincts and deciding on doing something that you take a liking for. And that's okay. But expect even that road to halt you with unwanted surprises and hurdles. Handling and protecting your life goals is just as important as choosing them.”

Life is like a game with Legos. At its infancy, you are just playing around with the bricks and the pieces, not exactly fixated in building a constructive structure. But as time goes on, the game becomes serious and meaningful and you set out to place those very bricks and pieces in the right place, with the vision of a final structure in mind. Life goals are made of those bricks and pieces, and they help make that structure called life itself.


Md. Zamilur Rahman is a self-proclaimed foodie and comic geek. So if you have enough money to treat him with kacgchi he will be interested to hang out with you. Connect with him at your own risk at

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