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  • Md. Zamilur Rahman Shuvo


    Maliha Rahmat took a lab course for Environmental Science at North South University (NSU). She shares, “The course had seven or eight days of classes but there were no exams or tests and no marks for any practical work.
  • Lesson learned

    It was a laboratory experiment by EDUCATION (Eccentric Douchebag Union of Celestial Atoms with Terrible Inferior Organism and Neurons) that went horribly wrong.
  • Dealing with stayover guests

    I know. We have all been there when the news of the imminent arrival of a guest leaves us with a saddened face and a heavy heart. We have all had our fair share of bitter experiences of adjusting to life when there’s a guest staying over.

    It’s that aftermath of every exam that haunts our dreams. For it is not just the exam that causes us dreads, but what comes after the exam that results in many sleepless nights.
  • Be an Ambassador!

    One thing that this generation has been blessed with is the plethora of endless opportunities! And campus ambassador programs