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  • Md. Zamilur Rahman Shuvo

  • Underground Football

    We all know that cricket took over as the leading fandom in our country just around the time when the new millennium kicked in. But before the craze for the gentleman's game took control of our sporting arena, football sat on the throne for quite a long time. National and club level football were always at the heart of it.
  • Types of people on a bus ride

    Till the age of 15, bus rides for me meant tragic road accidents. Since then, frequent bus rides from here to there have somewhat reshaped my views on it. The most unexpected U-turn was possibly how I began to notice the people around me.
  • People as Cinematic Universe

    Every cinematic universe sets out to have its own identity, its own characteristics. Over the course of multiple movie releases, they look to firmly establish themselves as a separate entity.
  • Free Online Courses to hone your skills

    Skills are fundamental, and a necessity in today's world. Fortunately, we are also in the era of technological revolution. It would be a shame if we didn't use that to our advantage and acquire skills of our choosing that will in one way or the other help shape our future.
  • Falling

    A shameless, raw feeling, Looking over my shoulder, for a glimpse back.