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  • Md. Zamilur Rahman Shuvo

  • A cricket lover among football fans

    The struggle of being a cricket fan in this country is real. Whether it’s a nail-biting, heart-pounding finish that ends in Bangladesh’s victory or woeful defeat, the matches never shy away from playing with our emotions. And God forbid the amount of times we have
  • Surviving your professors

    Here’s the deal- surviving through four years of your university life is pretty hard! And God have mercy on you if you are studying in some university with session jams. Nonetheless, things can get pretty ugly in the course of your academic life if luck doesn’t favour you.
  • Alternative career for failed athletes

    Athletes inspire us. They ignite a sense of passion in the fans by showcasing their success and hard work and never-give-up attitude. But sometimes, athletes also help us realise something else with their successful failure story.
  • The other side of losing weight

    Health-wise, it is the best possible outcome that one can hope for. Months (sometimes years) of hard work and maintaining a lifestyle that forced you to take an oath against enjoying the food that you basically lived for (or die of eventually) finally paying off.
  • Beyond This Universe

    Let me ask you – are you familiar? With that kind of happiness that flows down in tears?