Cover Story

Cover Story

The Definitive Youth Magazine

A look back at the journey of SHOUT.

How student politics impacts the lives of students

Student politics is a reality that Bangladeshi university students have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Grooming: abuse hiding in plain sight

It's a lesser known evil that is wreaking havoc among young people.

Is going to therapy all it takes?

Therapy is just one stop in the mental health journey.

Cover Story / The struggles women face entering their work lives

The bar for women is set higher than for men in the professional field.

Stepping on to the ramp

While the Bangladeshi youth is well-acquainted with the international fashion community, we are not as familiar with the local scene, especially when it comes to modelling.

Breaking away from dysfunctional families

Did you grow up in a dysfunctional family?

Inside the world of food vlogging

Food vlogging is one of the fastast growing areas of content creation.

Is the transportation system failing the youth?

The deteriorating transportation situation in Dhaka has made commuting a daunting experience.

A guide to applying for a master's degree abroad

If you’ve taken all the right steps, it’s more likely than not that a ticket to study in a reputed university abroad awaits you.

The need for youth involvement in policy dialogue

Regardless of wherever we are headed, the youth cannot be side-lined for too long.

The ever evolving tale of sarees

How sarees have evolved over the years.

The case for studying law

The word “lawyer” might invoke certain scenes and images in our minds.

Ramadan and exam season

Sitting for exams during Ramadan makes for a difficult prospect.

Ramadan and young professionals

As a young professional, navigating the Ramadan schedule can be difficult.

The world of young makeup artists

The makeup scene in Bangladesh is about to take off.

Caring for stray animals, the right way

Caring for stray animals is important, and knowing the right way is vital.

The lives of medical students

Being a doctor grants you the privilege of helping fellow human beings. As rewarding and respectable as the medical profession is, the pathway to becoming a doctor is trying and tedious.