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  • Classics that deserve a replay

    For all the gamers out there, the future promises much in the form of innovation. With the increased development of VR as well as various AR projects, gaming technology is about to get an overhaul and expand its horizons significantly. Before this new era is ushered in, however, we thought it would be a good idea to put on our rose-tinted goggles and pay homage to some of the classics which have stood the test of time.

  • How to be a better Bangladeshi

    This city we call “home” still finds itself on the list of “least liveable cities”, and our beloved country has been ranked 115th on the Happiness Index, according to UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network's (SDSN) 2018 World Happiness Report. As Independence Day approaches, why don't we all take a moment and ask ourselves, “Where are we going wrong?”

  • Home Music Production for Noobs

    The good news is that home music production is quite prevalent and things aren't as ridiculously difficult as they used to be; analogue recording is the stuff of nightmares. The bad news, however, is that 'correct' music production is still pretty difficult even after shifting to digital recording. As someone who's been in the works for quite a while now, I'd like to give you a very short tour of what's down this rabbit hole.

  • Press to break

    Press Ⓧ to break the glass ceiling

    While there had always been leading ladies in some form or another in video games, the first wave of female leads came into mainstream popularity during the mid-1990s, and the one who stood out from the rest was none other than Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series. A sophisticated and highly intelligent character for the time, archaeologist Lara Croft's introduction to the gaming world set gamers'

  • The Sims - Bangladeshi Edition

    Have you ever felt the need to feel omnipotent? Well, then you must have enjoyed or still enjoy (it's okay, we don't judge) the invincibility stature while playing this life simulation game, “The Sims”. I still remember the sheer power I used to feel surging through my veins as I controlled the lives of my Sims, influenced their moods, or drowned them in the pool because why not. While taking my final exam the other day, a brilliant question struck me. What if this game was set in Bangladesh?

  • This is your brain on social media

    Ever wondered why gambling can sometimes develop into an addiction? It's really complex but two components play a role: variable rewards and dopamine. B. F. Skinner's famous experiment (read up on it if interested) demonstrated how unpredictable rewards compel us to reinforce an action. For instance, when people play slot machines they don't know whether they'll win or lose; same goes for those claw

  • Dhaka's Kacchi Biryani

    When Kacchi Meets Love

    The smell of love still reeks in the air — that annoying time of year has come and gone, when couples all around flooded your newsfeed with their pictures of romance that gave you diabetes and made you wish you weren't sad and lonely.

  • Looking for Pabna

    I've never been a fan of traffic and noise pollution, but my dad recently took up a new job in Dhaka and we had to move all the way

  • Talking Careers with Your Parents

    When we were younger, our elders would often ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Most of us would give clichéd answers such as doctor or engineer as suggested by our parents, but as we grow up and put a lot of

  • When musical instruments talk

    When musical instruments talk

    It's late on a Friday evening. All you want to do is get back home. You were told there would be kacchi – your greatest weakness, as well as your first love. Nothing can hold you back with kacchi on the horizon.