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  • Living Sustainably

    The same way your mom nags at you about cleaning your room or doing household chores because it's your house too, you have a responsibility to take care of planet Earth a little, because it's your planet, don't you think?

  • Freelancing - A better alternative to your 9 to 5 job?

    In a country like Bangladesh, the thought of becoming a full time freelancer is quite hard to grasp at first, irrespective of the field you plan to work in. The normal full time jobs which require you to attend your workstation for a minimum of 40 hours a week is what most people believe to be the only form of employment.

  • Eid Special TV Programme 2018

    The perfect TV shows for Eid

    Cooking shows are more popular than ever before. Children too take part in these cooking shows and many seem to be amazingly gifted in the culinary art. However, not all children have the skills needed to cook a dish worthy of being served at a Michelin star restaurant.

  • Grasping at the Hidden Straws

    At the stage of your life when you're about to graduate from high school and enter university, you may find yourself stuck in a haze of perpetual confusion. You've just started grade 10 or 11, but your peers already seem like they have pulled ahead of you. There's a flurry of action and everyone is looking into prospects that they can cram into their repertoires to make themselves seem more “interesting”, “pro-active” or, the worst, “worldly”.

  • A dog sees Dhaka

    A dog sees Dhaka

    I was wrong. Sitting up there, defeated and alone, I decided to do what I always do to forget and start anew. I slept.

  • Admission Tests - What you need to know

    Admission test — the one ominous exam standing between you and your dream university, a test more gruesome than the Twelve Labours of Hercules. Admission tests can be highly challenging not only due to the sudden leap in difficulty, but also since your result directly reflects on the undergraduate programme you choose and the path your life takes thereafter.

  • Youngsters Talk Parenting

    Aysha Zaheen, 19, an HSC graduate, thinks that the privacy of young people is an important matter that parents sometimes do not respect. “I guess it'd be nice if parents respected their kids' privacy.

  • Games that need reboots

    One of the staples of Bangladeshi PCs in the early 2000's was this gem. Whether it was the bright and intricately detailed environments or the diversity in gameplay and enemies, anyone who played this even once was hooked.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing - The Invisible Skills Gap

    Regardless of the current generation's various woes, no one can deny that we are a privileged generation. What we have in the palm of our hands today is more information than our ancestors could gather in their entire lifetimes. If we don't utilise our privileges to their fullest, or are not given the opportunity to do so, we are wasting precious opportunities that previous generations would kill to have.

  • A world cup for the rejects

    This past Sunday the first-ever World Tournament of Rejects pulled down its curtain in the ad hoc capital of the football world, Italy. A nail-biting final between the Argentina Rejects and Rest of the Rejects XI marked the end of the tournament, a game which ended 2-1 in favour of the former. This result made it official that Argentina had the best group of rejects among the five participating teams.