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  • Dhaka's Kacchi Biryani

    When Kacchi Meets Love

    The smell of love still reeks in the air — that annoying time of year has come and gone, when couples all around flooded your newsfeed with their pictures of romance that gave you diabetes and made you wish you weren't sad and lonely.

  • Looking for Pabna

    I've never been a fan of traffic and noise pollution, but my dad recently took up a new job in Dhaka and we had to move all the way

  • Talking Careers with Your Parents

    When we were younger, our elders would often ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Most of us would give clichéd answers such as doctor or engineer as suggested by our parents, but as we grow up and put a lot of

  • When musical instruments talk

    When musical instruments talk

    It's late on a Friday evening. All you want to do is get back home. You were told there would be kacchi – your greatest weakness, as well as your first love. Nothing can hold you back with kacchi on the horizon.

  • The Ever-evolving Talent Acquisition Platform

    The name Battle of Minds (BOM) sparks a fire within the most talented minds of Bangladesh. It is one of the most prestigious platforms in the country, which consistently hosts the most explosive ideas and innovative strategies ever conceived.

  • Opposite day in Dhaka city life

    Opposite day in Dhaka

    As soon as I went out, a bevy of rickshaws surrounded me. My eyes widened involuntarily, and my mouth moved in silence – forming words of bewilderment. “Mama koi jaiben?” one of them inquired.

  • Top Memes of 2017

    Top Memes of 2017

    As we bid goodbye to 2017, our hearts are filled with mixed emotions. We've all had our ups and downs, and are starting the new year with hopes of “New year, new me”. Let's not kid ourselves – that won't be happening before hell freezes over. One thing we can be sure of, however, is “New year, new memes”. Before we welcome the new batch of dankness, I'd like us to take a trip down memory lane and look at the best of the best in 2017.

  • Living with robots

    Living with robots - Dhaka in 2050

    Aklima and Sharmin are housewives who are neighbours. They spend each afternoon together over tea discussing the latest gossip in the apartment complex.

  • Wanderlust: Winter Edition

    For some of us, travelling is an option to take a break from the hectic schedule and adrenaline-filled-deadline-induced panic that we

  • How to move about in Dhaka

    With Dhaka's traffic situation worsening with each passing day, having an extended idea of the transportations available pays off. It can save time or offer possible shortcuts to beat the traffic and reduce the commute time.