Caring for your car in rainy days: here’s what you need to know

It's a cloudy morning, you decide to take your clean car out and run some errands. But just as you take it out and start driving, suddenly it starts to rain. By the time you finish your errands, the car is all wet and by the time you drive it home, the wheels accumulate more mud and grime which ultimately sticks to the body and paint of the car.

But fear not, rather than keeping your car sitting around and letting it dry on its own, here are a couple of prudent tips on how you can keep your car clean and paint protected.

Protection outside

It's important for your car to be dry from the rainwater after being driven in wet conditions because rainwater in general, is slightly acidic in nature and could leave behind deposits of grime and debris. If the car is not washed properly, the rainwater could also cause discolouration of the paint and, worst of all, rust.

Thus, even if you decide not to want to wash your car completely, it's better to just rinse your car with tap water which will cause less damage to the paint. Naturally, you would want to wash your car every 7-10 days to keep the paint and the overall exterior in optimal condition. Make sure to wash your wheels properly and make sure to wash off mud and grime from the tire walls.


During rainy days, the main issue that arises after the car is left sitting for some time is a damp odour through the vehicle. To prevent weird odours which do not seem to cover even after using half a bottle of air freshener, take out your mats and wash them with hot water and detergent. After that, leave the mats out to dry in the sun completely before putting them in the car again. If the damp smell remains, your interior seals might have a leak from where water might sip inside.

Long-term protection

The best way to protect the paint of your car from dust and grime sticking from rainy days is by getting your car ceramic coated. Ceramic coatings make the surface of the paint hydrophobic; making the surface slippery and repellent to water droplets. It also ensures grime to not stick on the surface, protecting it from feather scratches on the paint.

Extra tips

Always have your wiper fluid reservoir topped up when going out on a rainy day. Make sure to wipe your windshield wiper clean and free from dust particles. To keep the windshield of the car free from streaks and water accumulation, clean the windshield with a car cleaning clay bar and wax it to make sure water does not stay stuck on the screen and blur your vision.

Photos: Ayan Rahman Khan


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