2020 Beijing Motor Show concept car Roundup

2020 has not been kind to motor shows. Dhaka Motor show was canceled, SEMA pulled the plug after months of trying, and the organizers of the Geneva motor show are now considering selling their venue. Amid all the woes, the 2020 Beijing Motor Show is a ray of hope for car enthusiasts, which successfully managed to meet its September reschedule. We bring you a list concept cars from the show that managed to catch our attention.

Great Wall Ora Futurist Concept

Ever wanted one of those quirky and adorable Trabant, but backed away due to their awfulness? Well, then Great Wall just might have made the car for you. The Futurist concept is a retro electric luxury sedan made under the Ora marque. The interior of the car strongly resembles a 50's US land yachts while the exterior looks like a modernized take of a compact car from the Soviet bloc. Chinese sources claim the car is designed by ex-Land Rover Phil Simmons and is based on the company's new "Lemon" platform. Great Wall claims the car is "near production ready" but remains quiet about whether they will actually put it into production.

Neta Eureka 03 Concept

Eureka Model 3 Nete's answer to the Tesla Model. The exterior of the car looks like a tasteful update of the Lincoln design from mid-2010, while the interior is left to speculation because Neta left all the windows blacked out. Lack of dashboard pictures notwithstanding, the Eureka 03 is one of the few cars that actually gave out some hard numbers. The has an NEDC rated 800 KM range and can reach 0-100 in 4 seconds. The company also confirmed they are putting the concept into production and it will hit the market somewhere around 2022

Qoros Milestone Concept

Either the designer of this car has no chill, or they are huge Cyberpunk fans. The Qoros Milestone is an edgy design, featuring motion-controlled sliding doors, crazy wheels, and lights that illuminate all four corners of both ends. The interior is taken straight from an early 2000 science fiction video game, complete with a detachable steering wheel remote control and a holographic interface that covers the entire windshield. Technical information about the vehicles is hard to find, but Chinese media claims Qoros developed the concept to "accommodate a range-extending powertrain", meaning we at least know it's a hybrid.

Honda SUV e:concept 

Moving from Chinese brands to a familiar nameplate, we have the Honda SUV e:concept. The Japanese automakers claim the car "indicates the direction of a future mass-production model.", and will be their first EV in the Chinese market. The design of the car is nothing special, resembling a minimalist version of Honda's current design language. What's is special about the car is its omnidirectional advanced driver-assistive systems, which feature improved recognition, prediction, and decision-making performance. Oh, and for those who are excited about 3 door SUV, Chinese sources indicate the production version of the car will be a 5 door. Which is depressingly typical of modern Honda.

Honorable mention: Ford "Future Design" sculpture

We are giving this a special mention as unlike all the other entries on this list, this one isn't a car. What it is a sculpture from Ford, depicting a vehicle profile. The sculpture feature a front end with a massive grill, with its long hood flowing to a sleep racecar cockpit-like passenger compartment. The rear tapers into a teardrop shape, giving the overall design a flowing fin-like aesthetic. Ford claims the sculpture is a preview of their future design language, which will bring a "Progressive Energy in Strength" look into future cars. Guess we now know massive front grilles aren't going away anytime soon.   


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