The Hummer is back, and this time, it’s electric.

The original Hummer was as American as Apple pie. It was a giant military-derived 4x4 that was loud, tough, and had the habit of bullying smaller cars on the road. It had some minor issues, such as a lack of power, terrible interior, and an absolutely horrendous fuel economy. None of which deterred the US population from buying them up in droves. Sadly, the 2009 Global financial crisis saw to the end of a lot of American dreams, Hummer being one of them. However, things have somewhat improved in the past decade or so, and now Hummer's parent company GMC feels confident to bring back the US icon. Not as a gas guzzler mind you, but rather as "the ultimate off-road EV supertruck".

Let's start with the looks. The designers of the new Hummer EV has clearly taken inspiration from the no-nonsense, built-to-survive-a-mine design of the original H1.  But much like the H2 and H3, it's mostly style over substance. The car retains the bulky look of the original, so much so that it somehow manages to make the stock 35-inch tires look small. The front grille is now a LED light bar, while the rest of the car is covered in soft-edge angular lines. The result is a vehicle that looks leagues better than the original, but lacks many of the rugged features that made it special.   

Speaking of special, the drivetrain. The new Hummer is powered by GM's new 'Ultium' batteries and three electric motors, giving the truck an estimated 1,000 HP and 11,500 lb-ft of torque. 0-100 take around three seconds to reach and it can cover an estimated 350 miles before needing a recharge. It's safe to say GM took the lack of power and range criticism quite seriously. 

Another criticism that GM addressed is the interior. Gone are the cramped legroom and cheap plastics, the new Hummer Ev's interior is a truly wonderful place to be in. The panels retain the exteriors angular design and are finished in premium materials that are very atypical of GM vehicles. Occupants will have a 13.4-inch center screen to play with while the driver gets his very own 2.3-inch display. To allow the rider to catch some fresh mountain air, the roof can be removed and placed in the car's "frunk".

As for technology, there is no comparison. The new Hummer is packed with so much advance tech it might as well be a spaceship. For starters the car has 18 cameras, giving its occupants the option to monitor the top, surrounded, and underside of the vehicle. The adaptive air suspension can lift the car up by six inches while the "CrabWalk" four-wheel steering feature lets the car pull off some mountain goat-like maneuvers off-road. The car also supports 350kW DC charging, allowing it to recharge 100 miles of charge in just ten minutes.

Finally, the price, the original Hummer was not cheap, neither is this one. The already sold-out First Edition will set one back a whopping $112,595, while the GM announced the base two-motor model will cost around $80,000. However, that model won't be available in the market before 2024, so you better start saving up if you want one. Not sure how much "engine displacement in CC" our BUET experts will credit to this electric vehicle. After all, they did consider the Tesla Model S a 5000cc car which is how it's registered now.

2022 GMC Hummer EV Reveal Video