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  • Fossils point to life on Earth 4 billion years ago

    The oldest fossils ever found are "direct evidence" of life on Earth 3.8 to 4.3 billion years ago when our planet was still in its infancy, researchers report.

  • ‘India may meet its energy need from Moon by 2030’

    India may look forward to meeting its energy demand by using helium found in the moon.

  • New Zealand part of sunken 'lost continent'

    New Zealand sits atop a previously unknown continent -- mostly submerged beneath the South Pacific -- that should be recognised with the name Zealandia, scientists say.

  • NASA inks deal with Boeing for extra rides for astronauts

    NASA will pay Boeing Co up to $373.5 million for rides to fly up to five astronauts to the International Space Station aboard Russian Soyuz capsules, the US space agency said on Tuesday.

  • Genetically modified Salmonella bacteria

    Scientists turn food poisoning microbe into powerful cancer fighter

    Scientists modify Salmonella bacteria to trigger a particularly powerful immune response against human cancer cells implanted in mice, shrinking the tumors and—for the first time—preventing them from metastasizing.

  • 3D representation of Vasalgel blocking sperm

    Gel alternative to vasectomy 100% effective in monkeys

    A gel squirted into the sperm ducts of monkeys has been effective at preventing pregnancy, says a study which offers hope of a solution for men reluctant to go under the knife for family planning.

  • New organ

    New organ discovered inside human belly

    Irish researchers confirm that the mesentery — a fold of membrane that connects the intestine to the abdomen — is its own continuous organ, and not a series of fragmented parts like experts had previously thought, reports Yahoo News.

  • 2016: The good things in science, environment

    Wars, Trump, celebrity deaths and natural disasters and the coming of age of 90s kids all have lent to 2016’s overall gloom. This year has not been kind to many people and has left a lingering bitter taste in our mouths. However, 2016 was not all bad and to make remembering this year a little less cringe worthy, we have rounded up all the best developments in science, technology and environment:

  • Fossil shows pregnant sea monster with developing embryo

    An extraordinary fossil unearthed in southwestern China shows a pregnant long-necked marine reptile that lived millions of years before the dinosaurs with its developing embryo, indicating this creature gave birth to live babies rather than laying eggs.

  • Your oldest ancestor was really weird

    Don't take this the wrong way, but your oldest ancestor was not exactly a beauty. Scientists on Monday said a tiny marine creature from China that wriggled in the seabed mud about 540 million years ago may be the earliest-known animal in the lengthy evolutionary path that eventually led to humans. It was a weird-looking beastie with a bag-like body and, for its size, a really big mouth.