Eat the straw after finishing your drink

It’s time to ditch the plastic straws for go-green tubes for the sake of mother nature.

PRESS RELEASE / Country’s first solar electric vehicle completes historic tour

Team Tanguar Racing completes historic 2000km Bangladesh Tour with their self-built solar electric vehicle to promote clean transportation and sustainable lifestyle.

Chinese scientists develop new material for water purification

Chinese scientists have come up with a new membrane material which can efficiently separate salt from water and has other water purification functions.

Scan your food to reveal its nutritional value

Ever felt curious about just how many carbs and calories are sitting on your dinner plate? A new gadget has been invented which promises to reveal the nutritional value of your meal !

Zuckerberg wants AI to help his house chores

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said he plans to build artificial intelligence (AI) to help him around the house and with his work.

Umbrellas have been flawed for the past 3,000 years! Now there is a new design!

To answer your rainy day woes, the KAZbrella is here. A modern and innovative take on the conventional umbrella design the KAZbrella closes inside out, is drip free and easy to use.

[WATCH] Now you can have your own backyard wind power plant!

Harnessing the unlimited potential from the renewable forms of natural resources has so far come at a great price, until the Biometric Energy Trees enter the scene.

Belgian scientists make water-from-urine machine

A team of scientists at a Belgian university say they have created a machine that turns urine into drinkable water and fertilizer using solar energy.

Australia sets world record for solar cell efficiency

An Australian scientist creates a device that pushes solar energy conversion efficiency to 34.5 percent, marking a new world record.

We can finally see deep inside Egypt's mysterious pyramids

We all have wondered what the inside of a pyramid looks like. Now, thanks to cosmic rays, we can learn a little more about them.

Easy trick to trap mosquitoes

Thanks to an instructional video made available on YouTube now we all can fight mosquitoes. A mosquito trap made of everyday household item can be deployed to get rid of the insect’s menace.

Tuneful song reveals new species of Himalayan thrush

Scientists have described a new species of bird in northern India and China, called the Himalayan forest thrush.

LHC restart sees first collisions

The Large Hadron Collider smashes protons together for the first time since early 2013.

Plucking hairs 'can make more grow'

Plucking hairs in a precise pattern can make even more pop up in their place, a US study suggests.

Graphene light bulb set for shops

A light bulb made from graphene is th first commercially viable consumer product using the super-strong carbon, according to the developers from the UK

Drones with wings!

Scientists have created a drone with flapping wings that can fold in and rebound following a mid-air collision