Getting into the habit of reading

The habit of reading seems to have gone out of fashion. Why is that? Many young people shy away from books for many reasons, seemingly finding them too similar to strict textbooks they are taught in schools. However, for those who want to try reading as a hobby but struggle to get into it, there are a few ways to get back on track.         

Growing up surrounded by music

All in all, music is pretty significant in my life nonetheless.

How photographing my life on a daily basis helps me

Keeping track of your life with the visual gift of photography is a 21st century marvel.

When you’re not good at your new hobby

If you relate to this feeling, don't worry. You're not alone.

Why Writers Write

As Anne Frank wrote in her diary, "I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn."

Rekindling Old Hobbies

A common excuse that slips out of our mouth every now and then is “life happened”. Somewhere along the way we all lose sight of ourselves, about who we used to be, about what we liked.

Bullet Journaling For the Lazy and the Busy

I started bullet journaling in September 2016. I haven't given up this hobby yet. Hence it's safe to say that it's worth clinging on to because God knows I am lazier than a sloth.

Beginner's Guide to Nonfiction

When we talk about narrative literature, we generally mean fiction. Thrillers, fantasy, detective novels – name anything, and it's