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The trust you gain takes time. 

3w ago

Fathers and Daughters and Unmailed Letters

Perhaps father was never taught to love.

3w ago


While I fear whom you’ll become once you hear me, once you leave me.

3w ago


Memories melting together, shattering to shreds

Leafhopper under the vast purple sky

In that world, ignorance amassed like water near the roots of a cypress tree.

Fable Factory / Love will live

Or will you bloom into a new life with me? 

Fable Factory / Chander Buri and an insomniac’s drivel

I’d never felt sadder at the prospect of not being a part of someone else’s story.

Fable Factory / Delirium

The wish itself was pretty mediocre and commonplace, a mundane fantasy to escape the mundane.

Jhalmuri for the hollowed in-between

“Extra ghugni, no chilis,” he confirmed, his cyber-enhanced eyes ever judging.

Fish Tank

This is just another fish tank.

My first encounter with the unknown

“Excellent! Come downstairs, we’re waiting for you.”

Lady from Leo’s Dream

Leo had just finished his painting. He took a few steps away from the canvas to have a better look – a lady standing on a landscape with a pale smile.